I confess to not being a frequent flyer, but has anyone with lung mets had pain in side and become quite breathless, as I am now,  I am on Epirubicin, tomorrow I am to have a Thorax scan, which hopefully will shed some light.  When I had my line flushed last week, they did a CT scan which ruled out a blood clot, but the breathlessness remains.,  On my last visit with the onc, I had to see the Registrar, who was not at all helpful, I shall insist on seeing the onc next week.  Look forward to hearing your experiences.  Sandra

Hi Sandra, sorry I can’t help but bumping up your post to the top of the page again. Hope you have a better appointment with your Onc next week. X

Hi,my place, I have lung mets and I’m extremely breathless at the moment also extreme pain in/ under right ribs. I’m not sure if it’s the liver mets playing up or the mets in ribs.

I’m on Eribulin at the moment too. I think it’s the chemo bashing my red blood cells that’s making me so breathlessness at the moment .
I hope you get some answers from your onc next week.
Hugs,Helen xxxx