Bright Red Cheeks on FEC??

Hi ladies

I have just had my 2nd FEC yesterday and today have bright red, warm cheeks. This happened on my last lot too and it went after 4 days or so - just wondered if anyone else has had the same and if so do you know if it’s caused by the chemo or the anti-sickness drugs?

Just not sure if it means I might be allergic to something they’re giving me.


Hi Alison

I don’t get bright red cheeks but I do feel hot around the facial area after FEC, after my second one I got terrible itching around my neck which was red, and bizarrely, above both eyebrow which developed into a rash.

I forgot to mention it to my onc but I’m sure it’s a side effect of one of the poisons they are administering us with!

Are you feeling well generally though? I’m pretty good, a bit more tearful now after the third but generally OK!

Cecelia. x

I should also say to ask your BCN as if you think it is an allergy you should know about it.

Cecelia. x

I feel fine in myself - well you know as well as possible 1 day after - but will mention it to BCN tho. Thanks for your response, glad to hear I’m not alone!!


I have had similar just after I take my steroids. Not every time but occasionally. I have had 5 FEC

Sharon x

I had the bright red cheeks for a couple of days after each FEC. I assumed it was the steroids.

Take care everyone
Love Anthi

I have just changed chemo and now having more steriods and face is definitely worse, so put it down definitely to the steriods, not the chemo.

Anne x

Yes I was told in advance that I would get it due to the steroids

All the best


Hi all,

yes I was also told in advance that the steroids would prob cause me to have bright red cheeks, nice!!! I’m now on my last day of Dex following my CMF on weds and currently look like a bleacher beacon!!! Heyho, it’ll go in a day or 2 I’m sure, just in time for my day 8 CMF!!

Take care all,


Oooh and I thought it was only me…the little girl next door asked me why I had really red cheeks … Now I know why! LOL

Thanks all - it’s good to know I’m not the only bald lady who looks like a clown!

Steroids it is then. I know last time it went after a few days so that would make sense.

Thank heavens they stop me being sick because the flabby belly, red cheeks and depression that they also kindly give me might put me off them otherwise.

Cheers all


Hi all

I think I was OK for the first 2 (8FEC) but then it started spreading. The last 3 seemed to make me red all over and a bit itchy. Rang chemo unit and they said keep an extra eye on temperature, but that seemed no different.

I think it’s just another side effect to add to the never ending list. People not in the know seem to just think of hair loss and sickness. We’re all on a steep learning curve and know differently.

Marilyn x

My face still looks red some days and I finished chemo on 1st of May.!! It was red all the way through chemo folk kept saying how well I looked and I felt ghastly. Hope I HAVEN’T GOT IT FOREVER. dID MY FLUFFY BIT OF HAIR BLONDE AND IT MADE MY FACE LOOK REDDER. dID IT DARK BLONDE AND IT TURNED RED SO NOW fuzzy bit of hair competing with big red face. I want to look like I used to!!! lol love Eileen sorry about capitals can’t go back I tend to lose everything