Brighton/Bournemouth. Good cancer services?

Can anyone advise if there are good breast units in Brighton and /or Bournemouth? Also are there any private hospitals in either place. We are thinking of moving down to one or the other but I’m feeling a bit clingy to my consultant up here in Scotland and won’t move unless I know I’ll be in safe hands down South. Any advise would be very much appreciated.

At Bournemouth hospital they have a really good modern cancer unit. An excellent breast surgeon … Mr Skene… and excellent staff on the breast cancer and chemo wards. Also a big one in Poole hospital although I know less about that unit. Poole is where the radiotherapy unit is too and is supposed to be one of the best in the UK. I know that people come for miles to have radiotherapy there even when they could have it somewhere nearer to where they live. I believe they have one of the most modern machines in the UK.
Also yes there are a couple of private hospitals. My daughter had her mastectomy and recon at The Nuffield in Bournemouth. Mr Skene from Bournemouth hospital did her op there privately. Wonderful treatment and like a 5 star hotel. Lisa always felt that she hadn’t lost a breast because the surgery was so good … the only noticeable thing was that she had lost was her nipple. We always teased her that she could be a tassle dancer and no one would ever know!!
Hope this helps

Not sure about Bournemouth, but Poole, right next door to Bournemouth is great. The Dorset Cancer Centre is based in Poole’s NHS hospital and they do all the treaments there. I have been well looked after there myself. I would recommend Poole.