Brilliant article explaining how we feel after treatment

This article has been posted by others but I thought it should be highlighted. It is a must read for everyone finishing treatment.

Ann x

PS In my post below is a link to a fuller version.

Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for highlighting this article again. I saw it a few months ago, but it means so much more now in explaining to me why I still feel winded by all this. I was back at work and am now signed off sick again and this has helped me to realise that I’m not a failure for not coping.

E xx

Hi Ann
Thanks for posting this article, I didn’t see it first time round. Its brilliant


Yes - thanks for this article. Felt very weepy when I read it as have been feeling so emotional coming up to the end of treatment and this offers some explainations and understanding.

This sums up everything I have been feeling since my treatment finished in March.The flowers which filled the room sent by family and friends,and the phone ringing,and then it has gone.The following day after hearing that my next check up would be in six months,I just could,nt stop crying,I could only explain it as a boat that had been set adrift,and now I was on my own.Now I know I am not alone in these feelings.

Elsk you may be many things but a failure isn’t one of them!!

None of us are failures we are just women coping with life and everything it can throw at us mostly s****y stuff at that. And I reckon we cope really well it’s just that we get droopy days when we feel like jumping back under the duvet, but that’s fine as well go under the duvet and sleep because at the moment that’s what your body is telling you to do.

And before you say it Elsk yes I know I said that I wasn’t going to come onto this website so much but it’s been a busy day at work and I fancied a break and somehow I was drawn back on here!

My week is busier than normal but I’m surprising myself in that so far I have coped but then it’s only Weds so I’ll let you know how I am by Friday!!

Phillippa x

Great article, thanks very much for posting.

Philippa, thank you for your reassurance. I don’t know what I’d do without you and the others’ postings to reassure me that I’ve not lost the plot sometimes.

I’m glad your week is going well so far. Keep pacing yourself if you can. I went for a lovely, gentle massage this afternoon and it really relaxed me. One of those should be on order for everyone on here I reckon!

E xx

Thanks Ann, that is so spot on. I’m gonna print it off and circulate it to certain people.


Krissy x

i think there was talk of this website closing down so i think copying the article is a great idea… i have saved the whole thing just in case it disappears into cyberworld never to be seen again.

What a great article and so accurate. elsk, zilpha adn sally2009 I hear ya, been feeling so so lost lately and very emotional, even more so now that I am back to work but I just dont seem to be coping and had felt like I should be doing loads better since my radiotherapy finished at the beginning of the year but they dont tell you what all these drugs do to your body and mind!! Its a comfort to know that others are feeling exactly the same. I dont like to talk about it too much knowing others are going through so much more awful treatment than I had to go through.

Ali x

Lulu - I hadn’t come across the site before and just had a look. Yes, you are right. The Cancer Counselling Trust is due to close at the end of August. What a pity.

This link is the same article but with much more detail.

Ann x

thanks for posting. Really encouraging!

eva - I have just edited my last post to include the link to a fuller version.

Ann x

thanks, m’dear. will have another look

I particularly liked this excerpt from the full version:-

“Alan Bennett wryly observes that ‘…Cancer licenses hypochondria. Watchful for the disease’s recurrence, one feels that there is no ache that can be safely neglected or symptom ignored. In early detection lies the best hope of cure…’. (Bennett, A. (2005). In Untold stories Ups and downs, pp 613-614.)”

Ann x

Thanks for this I am saving it for future reference couldn’t read it for tears))He really does sum it up so well and I am only 2/3, I think of the way through treatment) So sorry to hear that the Cancer counselling trust is closing. Why?? Jackie

I believe it is a charity and the recession has finished it off.