Brilliant book for those who want to unerstand BC

someone on one of the threads suggested that I buy Dr Susan Loves Breast Book. It covers everthing from the value of self examination, beniegn breast conditions, right through to secondarys and how they happen.

Dr Love says there are three types of women and that they all have valid points of view.

  1. Those that dont want to know too many details and are happy to let the experts make the decisions

  2. those that want to do reasearch, ask questions, understand all the ins and outs and be part of the decisions

  3. those that still want all the info but want the doctor to make the decisions.

If you think you fall into the last two catogories I would heartily recommend you get this book. She sensibly discusses so many aspects of everything you think of and come across once you become aware of breast cancer. Talks about the value of screening, how to read stories about research, diet, types of cancer, how you feel when diagnosed, etc etc. I like the huge distinction she makes between younger and older women and the types of cancers they get. I did not read the section on genetic risks/

it is a no nonsense factual book and I wish I had read it when i first found my lump. It would have helped me through every stage. And even if my lump had been benign it would have help. It acknowledges that the diagnosis process is a huge strain and can change your life.

I am not even a third of the way through it and i cannot put it down.

Make sure you get the 2010 edition, it has a great info on the new thinking on how breast cancer works.

I got mine on amazon for £7.99 delivered but they seem to have gone up to £11.

ps I have one beef with her though. She quotes that studies show no link between consumption of fat, fruit vegetables etc and cancer, but then goes on to say these do play a role in general health, so all her diet recommendations follow the government party line on low fat and 5 a day. If you did not read her previous chapter you would think she recommends it because its good for cancer

Oal, i’m like u, i like to know exactly what’s going on. I have been reading up on a lot since my diagnosis, i like to know the ins & outs but i’m happy to let the drs make the decisions. This book looks great,i think i’m going to buy one. At least if ur well informed then u can challange the drs if u need to.x