Brilliant helpline

I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but thought this would be read by the majority of new comers.

I’ve been on this forum since DX in April and have found it so useful but up to this point I have not used the helpline (despite so many of you telling me to ring)

Well all I can say is - I rang today and they were BRILLIANT!!!

Thoughtful, Caring, Informative, Knowledgable - I could go on and on.

So if you were like me and put off using the helpline - please don’t.

Thank you

when i rang they did not have the information i wanted, and scared me to death with lots of details of what types of treatment might be coming my way, even though i had not asked. This was before I had even been to the breast clinic and was not in a need to know place

I have since had a follow up conversation from the helpline to discuss my experiance so that is reassuring and I am sure mine was a one off. I would not discourage others, its good to have someone to talk to.Lots of people on here have said how helpful it has been.

But I will not be using it again. Now I have this forum for support, my son who works as a cancer researcher for statistics and a breast nurse for questions about me.

Hi just to say I have had really brill service from the help liners at different points during this blinking awful time I have had with BC. They have always been able to unravel what was going on for me, emotionally or physically. Thank you help liners J xx

I have called the helpline 3 times. On each occasion they have been superb. The quality of information I have received has been excellent in every sense -accuracy and empathy. I have felt that I could have taken all the time I needed and there was no rush. This is an amazing resource which backs up and supports the care and information we get from our medical team.

I found it was a good idea to write out a list before I made the call to make sure I talked through everything I wanted.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the helpliners. I really appreciate all you do for us.


I have called the helpline, both this time, when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and when I had my cancer scare three years ago. They were fantastic, and were really difference between me coping and totally going under with worry. I find them to be honest, accurate and compassionate too. If you have a worry, please please call them, they really do make a difference.