Bristol meet-up 13th November

don’t know if anyone spotted the post about his under the October meet thread.
Anyway we’re having another meet in Browns,Queens Rd,Bristol, at 11.30 on Friday 13th November for anyone who would like to join us although we are mainly ladies with secondaries but anybody with BC welcome.
Hope to see a few more there this time. Love to all,
Anne x

oh no! cant make this one again as i have docs appointment ,still have my arm in plaster so hospital is becoming my second home !1 do hope you have a great time .i WILL get to see you all soon . take care hope your well .xx

It was great to see you - as usual - Lesley you are looking pretty cool, altho clearly your brain has gone to mush os you keep posting in the ‘Meet up - October’ bit.

Jinjan - very envious of your up coming xmas escapade, and marmite you, as always are jolly fun company, and you are looking good too.

It will be great to meet up afer xmas - but someone needs to propose a date - perhaps nearer the time.

Anne I hope you are feeling better, and the same for you too Aroma

Best wishes to all

Sorry, no excuses for my brain turning to mush other than months of treatment in various forms sending me prematurely senile - and trying to deal with two teen-type children, one elderly mother, two dogs, ten guinea pigs and a rabbit, lol!!! The only consolation is that all of that takes my mind off other things!

I think I know what month it is - sometimes have trouble with working out the days though!! Celeste, I have your change from today’s bill, will let you have it next week when dog-walking - not great service or food today :frowning:

Jan, have a really lovely holiday and Marmite, hope that drug combination keeps working for a really, really long time for you, you’re looking great by the way :slight_smile: