Brow Tinting and Waxing with Chemo

Hello ladies!

So, I have finished my first cycle of chemo- Carboplatin, docetaxel, herceptin and perjeta, and my eyebrows are looking extremely untidy.

I know they will probably fall out anyway, but for the time being, I hate looking at them in the mirror (along with all my lovely steroid induced spots on my face). I’m 25, and before my diagnosis, I suppose you could say I was quite vain…

So, can you tint and wax brows whilst having chemo?

Thanks, Hannah x

Personally I think you will be better off by having a beautician pluck and shape them the good old fashioned way. I left mine alone after my BC nurse told me my skin would thin and become sensitive with the toxins being pumped into me. I wish I’d had them micro bladed before treatment started, but too late!  why not have a little patch test done? Also, get yourself on the Look Good, Feel Better course and they’ll show you how to do your make up. X