Brown/Black discharge on tamoxifen


I’m 47 diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in Jan - lumpectomy, currently having 3/52 of radiotherapy and have been taking tamoxifen for about 6/52.  

At my initial appointment I mentioned to the oncologist a gynae pain that had been troubling me on my right side and she arranged an US pelvis and transvaginal US which showed a 2cm cyst on my right ovary and changes within the endometrium (not thickening but more thin and indistinct, at least that is how the sonographer described it).  

I am now worried about all forms of gynae cancer

Since starting the tamoxifen I’ve had one ‘sort of period’ and then a continued brown/black discharge that varies in terms of how bad it is. 

Has anyone else had similar problems on tamoxifen and if so, did you stop or continue treatment?

The findings from the US have sent me into a bit of a spin, I’m really working hard on staying physically and mentally well by doing all the things we are supposed to do but now I’m thinking more biopsies, more waiting on results, more changes to drugs when I’m just getting myself into a decent rhythm with my current treatment plan…

I’m not really sure if anyone can answer this, I think I just needed to get this out of my head somehow/somewhere…


Hello Millie,

So sad to read you are pulling your hair out at the moment, I feel really sad because I’m not medically trained to give you advise, however would like you to know I am thinking of you and wishing you well going forward.

biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hello, if it’s any consolation I have had black discharge since starting tamoxifen.

I went to an out of hours clinic because I was so worried, but the nurse didn’t seem bothered…

To be honest tamoxifen, in my short experience of taking it, has caused me all sorts of problems. I spent good Friday in hospital with suspected DVT and I’ve been told to stop the drug for 6 weeks.

I find doctors are reluctant to admit just how many side effects this drug causes.