Brown marks !

I finished my radical rads 3.5 weeks ago, it all seemed to be healing ok and then a few days ago the redness became much darker and I seem to have brown marks very very large freckles over the redness.

Did anyone else get this ?? 
Thanks in advance xxx

Yes, I did (nearly 6 years ago), but what you term as ‘very very large’ freckles is hard to gauge as one person’s large might not be that of another, but certainly I had dark brown splodges. This redness healing then became a darker brown ‘square’ on my body that took a really long time to totally disappear, I can still remember it being darker a couple of years later quite distinctly. If you are concerned that the darker marks don’t look like the skin is healthy, breaking down in any way, weeping or itchy or anything concerns you about the appearance etc then your BCN is there to take a quick look. :slightly_smiling_face: