Bruised like a peach

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this isn’t a stupid question!

I had surgery 4 days ago for DCIS.  I knew there’d be some bruising but tonight I’ve noticed a lot more, very purple, at the bottom of the breast.  Looks like pooled blood, it’s that red/purple 

Is that usual?

Dear tillykins,

Well done for getting this far, a very big step in your life. this is very early days since your surgery, however I think you should call your Breast Cancer Nurse and have a chat about the bruising, just to make sure all’s well,  after my surgery I was also very bruised.

Take care, look after yourself…feet up a good book one day at a time.

Big hug brave lady Tili :rainbow: x

Hi tillykins

you really need to get to the hose pita to get it seen to ASAP the pooling of blood is not good and will need treatment from your cancer phone the ward you were on when you had your op let them know your worried and scared, they will look after you, I know we all panic and get scared it cause we just don’t understand what our bodies have just gone through, you have had a major op, so ask for leaflets, this will help you understand more of what’s happening but don’t hesitate please let me know how you got on.

Catt57 xxx