Bruised like tender pain on below right ribs.

Hi, I haven’t posted on this forum for a while, but I am seriously worrying about this pain I have on my right side of ribs, it feels like a bruise/tender pain I only feel it when I touch it or bend over. I finished chemo and rads in July and am now having Herceptin and Tamoxifen. I am so worried that the cancer is back in my ribs or something or some where else?? I hardly slept all night for worrying!!! Why do I never stop worrying??

Donna xx

Hi Donna

If the pain is on your affected side it’s probably nerve damage from the rads and any surgery you’ve had.

I had the same thing which worried me and I asked for a scan on that area which didn’t show anything. The bruised feeling isn’t as bad now 4 years on, but all my rib cage on my affected side feels bruised if I press on it.

I would talk to your BCN about it and tell her how much it is worrying you.

Best of luck


Hi mine is the same I think its rad damage I’ve had lots of ct scans and nothing as showed up some days worse than others I’m sure yours are the same tc

I’ve got a pain too. On the left, bc side. Round the back in the diaphram. Hurts if I lay on it or lean against it. No rads yet.

Me too. I have tender ribs under my mx scar, and the scar tissue feels very tight. Finished radiotherapy 15 months ago. K x

I have the same feeling and after a scan my consultant confirmed that it’s radiotherapy damage…

Also told that having had cancer is a prescription to hypochondria. Whenever you’re worried you are allowed to worry and ask for a check up.

I’ve got the same thing and been advised that it is radiation damage. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done to treat it. I also have quite bad radiation damage to my lung and it seems that there’s not much that can be done about that either, except a) hope that it will heal on its own or b) treat the symptoms from any problems that arise from it. At least the scans I had proved that it wasn’t further cancer, which was of course what was really scaring me!

My GP said that having cancer, especially breast cancer, really is a ticket to hypochondria but within reason it’s always possible to have tests if I am really worried about something. It’s also made him more cautious about things too. For instance I currently have quite bad shingles on my treatment site and he monitored it very carefully as it developed just in case it turned out to be something worse (shingles is certainly bad enough, thank you very much!).

I guess we will never stop worrying, will we???

Nymeria x

Thank you all for your responses, mine feels bruised and tender at the back and the bottom of ribs, I only feel it if I lean against it, bend over that way or touch it?
I hope you are all doing okay, I just don’t think we ever stop worrying?!
Nymeria so sorry about the shingles that must be awful x

Donna xx