Thought I would be feeling high since I had my final chemo last week but have this niggly worry which wont go away. SE have been
almost as before - hot flushes and real bad lack of sleep …But I have got myself in a tizz about some lower leg bruises that wont go. I’ve read about low platelets and I think I’m talking myself into a panic.they dont hurt ( dont even know I did them)Had a dizzy spell earlier and wonder if its linked . have had white cellbooster jabs throughout chemo but no have had no other blood probs.
Should I contact onc or leave be - rest and see how it goes?


Hi Techo

I can’t help with saying what it may be, but its obviously worrying you and you shouldnt put up with that.

Even if you don’t want to get onto your Onc (and theres no reason you shouldnt) you were probably given tel nos for your chemo units contact people when you first started in case of infection. At least give the chemo nurse a call and ask for their opinion and put your mind at rest

Good luck


Took your advice - was worrying / panicing but oncology unit reassured me - monitor it but no cause for alarm and guess what … bruising is going. Drama Queen or what!

take care

techo x