bruising after biopsy

Hi everyone

I have just looked at the bruising after my biopsy yesterday (3 needles) and I was shocked at how much bruising there is, it doesn’t feel sore but looks awful, I suppose this is normal and to be expected, sorry just wanted to see if anyone else has had his X

def normal rud! i only had 2 biopsys and the bruising was much more than after my surgery. (wle and snb) alex xx

Hi rud,

Yes, I’m afraid so - some of us were only discussing this at lunch today and we all agreed that we’d gone all the colours of the rainbow after our biopsies The bruising seems to cover such a large area. It also lasted for a long time so I think what you’re experiencing is normal.

At least mine was below my nipple so didn’t show when I wore low cut tops!

Jane xxx

Perfectly normal, don’t be alarmed. The other thing that worried me, needlessly as it turned out, was that I was certain the ‘lump’ was bigger after the biopsy - but it was just swelling around it, the biopsy hadn’t made it grown exponentially.

The bruising lasted quite a while, I seem to remember, and did the whole rainbow of colours!!

Sophie xx

Hi rud

I had a bi-opsy last August & was bruised (looked like a pizza topping) & a little swollen this is quite normal.

I didn’t feel any pain just a bit sore driving with seat-belt for a couple of days.

Mine took approx 2 weeks to look normal; just in time to go for results!

Watch if it becomes really swollen or feels hot as you do need to be careful of infection.

Take care; hope you get good news when you have your results.


Ahhh thank you everyone, I thought it was normal but just wanted to check, the nurse didn’t really give me an idea of what to expect, thank goodness for you guys! X

yes i am still very bruised and sore, after six days. the bleeding only stopped yesterday too, which has been a bit of a pain

hi everyone,
i bruised a lot too, in fact i remember my breast was still bruised when i had my mx.

good luck oldandlumpy for results tomorrow, will be thinking of you.

love liz xxx

I had a big bleed, infection and haematoma after the biopsy. Enough to make my tumour 2cm bigger on the scan I had a week after!!!

I think it took about 3-4 weeks to all settle down, but I did need antibiotics as it was very red and inflammed under the skin.

I had a marker could put in a few weeks later and that didn’t bruise anywhere near as much.