Bruising after lumpectomy surgery

Hi, this is my first post here. First thing to say is I haven’t really got my head around the medical language for all this yet, so excuse me if i make mistakes!

I had WLE surgery for primary breast cancer and sentinel nodes almost 2 weeks ago and seem to be healing well but have noticed in the last couple of weeks that my whole boob has become bruised, its like a sunset at the moment!  To start with the bruising was only around the surgery site on the top, outer side of my breat. Thats fading but everything else has turned yellow and red!  It doesn’t hurt , just gave me a shock.

Is this usual ?

So glad to have found this forum !

Hello @Curly Sue  

Firstly welcome to the forum but sorry you have had the diagnosis which brings you here. 
Yes a WLE (wide local excision) is another name for a lumpectomy (also known as breast conserving surgery) but in essence distinguishes it from a mastectomy. 
I had exactly the same operation with an SNB (sentinel node biopsy), and can relate to the shock of seeing what my breast looked like as it healed. I can tell you that it all sounds very “normal” and is just part of the healing process. My operation was last July and I now have two faint scars where I was cut and my left breast is a bit misshapen compared to my right. My mum always advises taking extra vitamin C to aid the body heal which I did in the weeks after my surgery: I’ve no idea if it made a difference but it made me feel better

Wishing you a speedy recovery 

AM xxx