Bruising and pain after expander surgery

Hi All
I had expanders put in on the 21st (it will be 3 wks on wednesday) and my breasts are still quite bruised but the bruising is red. it’s been this way since the beginning and the doctors seem to think it is healing well. what i wanted to know is whether other people also had red bruises (i thought bruises were always purple). and i saw on a tv program that a doctor advised a women to apply an ice pack to her implants to help the pain and healing. is this advisable for expanders?

i just still feel in pain and i am not sure if this is normal


I had expander put in at surgery 4 weeks ago, and yes i had lots of redness and bruising. Kept thinking it was getting hot and maybe infected. Kept putting on bio oil great stuff really think it helps the bruising go down. My breast now looks great, did not even mind my 10 year old daughter and partner of 2 years seeing it. Had more surgery last Friday to have lymph nodes out got the bio oil out again. Hope this helps you.

thanks for the tip – when were you able to start using bio oil? the nurse at the hospital said not to put anything on it or it might get irritated (i.e. soaps when showering etc) but i will ask them about bio oil tomorrow when i am at the hospital. its super red and today it has started swelling up so i am really hoping its not a problem!

I was able to put it on the breast skin around my dressing straight away. Then on my wound when dressing taken off. I also got swelling this was small amount of fluid. I had this drained off when i went in for last surgery, but would have left it if i had not been having more surgery as it was not a problem.In fact it made my breast look better.
All the best

they removed the implant! it’s horrible - they said it was too infected to salvage and my hospital doesnt drain any fluid because they feel it is unwise with expanders. so now i have 1 expander which they are monitoring and might need to remove too (fingers crossed) and one side is gross bubbly pus-covered skin which i have to go to the hospital every 2 days to monitor.

i feel like this will never end!

Hi akanksha
So sorry to hear that one of your expanders got infected. Have they put you on antibiotics? I dont know what to say really.
I do know how you feel about when will this ever end. After my first op for mx I thought after getting all clear after surgery with my lymph nodes that when i next went to see the surgeon he would be discussing chemo ect. NO . The cancer had spread to my nodes and I needed further surgery. At that stage i thought what else can the through at me. Had that op a week past Friday, having problems with my arm really hurts all the time. But this is normal. Due back at hospital tomorrow for results of rest of nodes. I keep saying well they cant tell me anything i dont already know. BUt then my partner says they did the last time.
Sorry gone on a bit. Hang in there.

hi thanks for your comments…i guess i shouldn’t complain - everyone has a hard time of all this and it could be worse. they have put me on antibiotics (iv until yesterday, and then oral now that i have been discharged) but i have to go every 2 days to the hospital for them to follow up. i guess that’s fine (although my cab fare to the hospital is £80 per visit - i wish the NHS covered that!) – hopefully there will be no issues with the expander that is still in