Bruising post op

Hi everyone, I had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph nodes removed 11 days ago and today I had terrible pain ! I have also noticed that new bruising has appeared. Should I worry?

am seeing dr Thursday for results of surgery :( 



Hi Kim,


Sorry to hear you’re in more pain; I suspect its not unusual to have deep bruising making its presence felt quite a few days after the op. I had the same procedure as you and was taken by surprise when after a couple of weeks some areas of pain intensified. Definitely ask your dr about it, though, or call your breast-care nurse for some advice - and don’t be afraid to take your painkillers, even before you think you need them.


Hope you feel better soon,



I definitely noticed the pain got worse in the second week and it took me by surprise. By then the painkillers weren’t really touching it and the pain was more to do with nerves damage than the wound itself. During week 3 it got loads better and now in week 4 I’m more or less pain free. 11 days is still early even if it feels like a lifetime already. Just mention it to the doc on Thursday. Mine was very reassuring about the level of pain/bruising and whether it was relatively ‘normal’ for that stage of the game. Good luck with the appointment! X


Hi,  mine was deffo worse last weekend which would have been ten days.  I’ve found I need to wear the right bra to reduce the jiggle factor that deffo exacerbates the bruising.  I think about this time we start doing more so I find I need to wear a fairly tight bra for car journeys because driving over bumps and potholes is more painful.  Today, the pain is deffo better.  Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have any painkillers.