Brusing arm

I am 18 months post surgery, chemo and radio therapy and am now on Anastrozole. I was just getting some semblance of normality back into my life without hourly thoughts of reoccurrence and now this…on Saturday my arm (BC side) was very painful to touch like a nerve pain and I couldn’t straightened it. Next day I noticed two small patches of like blood blisters which really hurt to touch. Now the pain has almost gone but I have many bruises on the top of my arm which aren’t painful. Drs appointment Friday but am back into worry mode. Anyone else experienced brusiing? I thought(hoped) it was side effect of the tablets or damage caused by radiotherapy as my arm has been very sore since then anyway.


My mum had this especially not being able to bend it but she had a picc line in which cause a blood clot, so if you’ve had a picc line in your arm I would ask for them to ultrasound it especially if there is swelling.
If not you didn’t mention if you had had lymph nodes removed if you have then the pain could be from that too fluid build up from not being to drain effectively anymore. Either way best to get checked :slight_smile: hopefully it’s one of those niggly things you get the joy off as if the treatment wasn’t bad enough haha xxxx