BTCA1 and insurance

Hi, My mom and her 3 sisters had cancer. I am interested in getting tested for the breast cancer gene. Does anyone know if the test is positive and choose to do nothing (for a period of time) can insurance deny coverage at a later date?
I’ve read discussions of people testing positive and waiting a few years before having surgery. I will the surgery if the results are positive, I don’t know if this is something that needs to be done immediatly or not.
Thanks for taking time to read my post.

you have to be very careful with this 1 as i was refused life insurance with a few companies while i was contemplating the test as they said as im aware i may have a high risk they wont cover me. however i told my current provider im brca2 but as im preventing it with surgery they are not increasing premiums. shop around good luck, lainey x

Hi Tigger,

if your mum and 3 sisters had cancer within the last 5 years then you are obliged to disclose it when asked on a medical questionnaire. However I don’t think you’re legally required to disclose information pertinent to genetic testing/results. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!