Building fitness after treatment

Does anyone have any recommendations of any good fitness apps? I have just finished my treatment and my fitness is at an all time low. My legs and joints ache a lot so I really am starting from scratch again. I’m not ready to join a gym yet so want to start off slowly at home. Any suggestions gratefully received, thank you! x

Hello @Mazzaw75  

Congratulations on completing your treatment

I finished my treatment 3 months ago and I have been building my fitness back up slowly. I started by taking daily walks as I find getting outside good for my mental health plus I’ve been told I’ve got osteopenia so I’m making a conscious effort to up my vitamin D levels!

I didn’t use any apps but I know there are quite a few! If you are feeling a bit more energetic the NHS Couch to 5k app is very good

I’ve also found I’ve really started to enjoy doing more strength and flexibility exercises. Again I can’t recommend any particular apps but I’ve found just doing around 15 minutes Pilates a few times a week makes a difference 

Good luck with endeavours 

AM xxx

I can’t recommend a fitness app as I’ve never tried one, but I was recommended one called Untire, aimed specifically at people with cancer related fatigue. There is some fitness stuff in it, very gentle suggested exercises for each day. But I’m thinking the main benefit might be in tracking how you’re feeling, especially with the fatigue and how exercise helps or needs to work around things.

I think you still have to email their support for an access code, but they’re quite friendly about it all. Plus, there’s a support group on FB.

I second the daily walking outside if you can. 

There’s also walking videos on YouTube which I do sometimes if the weather is poor or going outside feels too much.

Theres Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone which is American - she does short 15 minute ones but she includes leg lifts and kicks and some arm movement- she’s a bit cheesy but I like her videos .

Theres also Get Fit with Rick, a Brit but he lives in Dubai, he counts steps and is quite funny.

Both is them are very simple, easy walking fitness and I know eventually I’ll need something more challenging but whilst still going through chemo these are a good starting point.

I try and log my food via My Fitness Pal too. 


Have you tried Youtube? There are loads of fitness programmes on there - you can search for 10 min seated exercises, yoga, meditation, a 3 min zumba… anything :slightly_smiling_face:


Loads of good suggestions here…definitely the daily walk is a good one… I try and do that most days… though more like a stroll tbh … I average around 3000 steps a day, ranging from 500 to 7000. I do use a Fitbit 

I’ve also managed to keep to a daily morning routine that includes a 10 minute Cindy Crawford post-natal exercise routine. This is the link

I like this video because I’ve done it many times before…and you can go at your own pace… plus it’s aimed at Mums recovering from childbirth… but that’s similar in a way to cancer treatment… something our bodies need to recover from

hi there,

I’m in the same boat, used to hold to the gym 4 times a week. Couldn’t even do a warm up at the moment.  I am under a physio due to cording issues but I have signed up to a yoga class at the gym, so starting slowly to build myself up. It may be worth considering and mentally it helps as well ,as I feel I am achieving something and getting out of the house.