Bulky Uterus

I have had my first oncology appt.Dr said that my whole body ct scan showed I had a "bulky " uterus.I had an endometrial ablation in Jan which takes away the lining of the womb so my periods were non existant since Jan.He also removed a small fibroid.I am worried now as bulky uterus seems to suggest fibrroids but I can’t see how they have appeared since Jan.I am worried it is something else.Dr said just to ultrasound me,which will be on monday then I start chemo friday for the first time.Anyone had this?

Hello there,
Yes I have both fibroids and polyps and BC.
Having the fibroids scanned q recently - confirming that’s what they are, although I do have to have the polyps removed once the I have recovered from chemo and a small operation to remove the last of the margins in my breast.
Now thing is BC is not related to ovarian or womb cancer - both gynae Dr and onc said, BC goes to bones lungs or liver I think but def not womb so it would be v v v rare if yours was cancerous and related.
I was told that my fibroids should shrink if I came off HRT. Dunno if you could ask on that front.