burning chest !

burning chest !

burning chest ! Hi Ladies,

I have only posted on here a couple of times and still new to this, I am so pleased to be able to read all the different experiences, as it has helped me so much lately.

Recently I have had trouble with lymphoedema, I was diagnosed 5 years ago and had a mastectomy, then lymphoedema came on two years ago, I’d say it was quite bad as the pain and discomfort from it lasted for months although as it doesnt swell enourmously it doesn’t look bad, but I needed to be off work for a month.

It hasn’t been too bad since then but flared up a couple of weeks ago, I saw the B.C.Nurse yesterday, who gave me a new sleeve and so far today it has helped. My problem though is pain, I have a very painfull piece of my chest, just above where the breast was, this has been painfull ever since the surgery 5 years ago, but has got worse at times over the years, then subsided a bit, it does come and go for weeks at a time for what I can see is no particular reason. It is mostly bought on by eating or drinking, and I sip water all day as this seems to keep it at bay or if it comes, I drink a little and it helps to ease it.
When this comes on , (which is all day really) It feels like it’s burning and as raw as the day i had the op. but none of the doctors etc. has been able to give me anything to help, all the answers I have had is that it is nerve damage and may go with time. Now I have the sleeve again (as I didn’t wear the last one much, only when I felt I needed it) this pain seems to be worse, which makes me think it could be associated with the lymphoedema, especially as I had a bulge in my skin just under where the breast was one one side, the consultant did seem to think this was lymphoedema and I’m awaiting an ultra scan appointment to see what’s going on in my armpit as he says I do seem to have rather a lot of scar tissue in the armpit.

I must add that I am on tamoxifen, and take 50 to 100 mg of pregabalin a day to help block the pain, although it doesn’t really take it away enough as the pain makes me feel very weary.

Does anyone have a similar experience to mine or have any ideas ??

Thanks for reading this, it has made me feel a bit better for writing things down once more.

Love, pussycat.

Information on lymphoedema Hi Pussycat

Breast Cancer Care publish various leaflets and publications, the link below will lead you to some information you may find helpful.


you may also find the Ask the Nurse email service or

the helpline on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm a good sorce of information and support.

Kind Regards

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Sore Chest Hi Pussycat

I had Mastectomy in June 2005 and my chest is still very tender I will be going to the hospital next week so was going to ask him if this is normal I have asked him before but like you he said it was were they cut through the nerves (maybe it is something we have to put up with)

Will keep you posted.

Love Janet