burning in reduction/uplift - has it come back?

I had mx and ld flap recon march 2010 and uplift and reduction in “good side” at the same time. Had mammogram in March this year on good boob and all ok but last few days i have had an uncomfortable burning at the bottom of the reduced boob. its not there all the time but certainly know when it is!! could this be a recurrence? im not sure whether to phone for gp appt (I have a wonderful gp but takes about 2 weeks to see her) or phone bc nurses…and advise greatly appreciated.


Hi deed
Is it possible that you’ve been doing too much and perhaps strained a muscle? I panicked a few weeks ago with a sore hot spot immediately underneath my BC boob, had an X-ray in case I’d cracked a rib weakened by rads, but nothing showed up. It settled down, but now it’s come back again, and I suspect I’ve strained an intra-costal (sp?) muscle between the ribs by doing too much exercise.
But rather than worry yourself to bits about it, pick up the phone to your BC nurse - it sounds like they’re more accessible than your GP, and after all, that’s what they’re there for.
Sarah x