Burning pain in sacrum and lower back

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?
I haven’t been on the forum for many years, was diagnosed and treated 2002, hoped to have left it all behind me.
For the last three or four weeks I have had a low back ache, just a dull ache, but now it’s become a ‘burning’ type of pain in my coccyx. It’s been waking me up at night, so badly that I have to get up and wander round, get a hot water bottle, breathe deeply etc.
I had a bone scan in February this year, only because I’d been getting rib pain, but they said that the scan was clear and it was probably muscular.
Could it be possible for bone mets to have not shown on that scan? If that is what is going on now? It just seems a very short time to have developed them, if that is what this pain is.
Thank you

I’m 56

Hi needles,

I guess it is quite possible for bone mets to develop even since february. When mine was diagnosed way back in 2002 I had no warning of what was coming or at least none that I recognised and it had already spread extensively. The best thing you can do is contact your breast unit again and tell them what has happened and get it checked out. I do hope that it will ‘just’ be something like arthritis :(!!! or age related degenerative disease lol but best not to waste time in getting it checked.


Hi needles - hope you get an answer to this soon. Some days I worry about every ache and pain. Never used to worry about the before I was diagnose with cancer - sometimes I think everything is related!
What dawnhc has said is good - just ask for it to be checked again and don’t be fobbed off!

Dawn, thank you, I know that is the sensible thing to do - I just hate going back & complaining about, what seems to me, yet another thing. If you know what I mean!
Have you had bone mets since 2002?
Jenny xx

Supertrooper - I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my post - it looks like you’ve had a hard time.
It’s hard not to think everything’s connected to BC, I do agree with you.
Jenny xx

Hi Jenny,

In answer to your question - yes I was diagnosed in 2002 with extensive bone mets to my skull, collarbone, scapula, ribs, all areas of my spine, pelvis, and both hips! The weird thing was that I didn’t have any obvious symptoms until I got really bad sciatica. The onc realised I think straightaway and had me in for bone scan and x-rays very quickly.