burning ripping sensation..a bit scary!

Finished treatment in January for lumpectomy and axillary clearance and about a month ago noticed a burning tender sensation under my shoulderblades, worse when I stretched my effected arm.Now, I’d fallen over a couple of weeks before and landed heavily and my bad arm became stiff again.I rang my bc dept and they said not to worry, I’d probably pulled it.I started exercising it again and it improved.Then a couple of weeks later I woke with a soreness in my rib area under my effected boob.Both areas are tender to touch and after doing quite a lot it burns like a ripping, stretching feeling.It’s all along where a bra would hurt if it was tight but it’s not that as mine fits well and hurts whether I wear one or not.At night it hurts to turn over and stretch that arm out.Have had a routine chest xray on a follow up which was clear and having a dexa scan tomorrow and routine mammogram in a week.Think I’ll ring clinic and mention it so maybe they can check it out then? Just wondered if it sounds familiar to anyone? Its a bit scarey to start new pain now and now had this about 5 weeks.



I think you ar ewise to get it checked out for your own piece of mind.  I must admit I fell over about 4 weeks ago and smacked my breast on the paving stone.  I was straight on to my bcn, as you do!!, who re-assured me that there was no evidence that trauma causes cancer and said if I am worried in about 3/4 weeks time to contact her and she will arrange for me to see my onc, but that will w.  Well the rib area to the side is still a bit sore on occasions especially if I have slept awkwardly on it at night but I do think that is where the wire in my bra dug into it.  I am seeing my onc in 5 weeks anyway


Helena xx

Apparently it’s most likely I have a cracked rib! Oh joy…