Burning sensation

I am a week on from my mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy…the brusing is improving but I still have a burning sensation when I move my arm…it appears to be under my arm but radiates into the side of the top of my ribcage.  Could this just be the nerves that have been affected?  There doesn’t seem to be any swelling but it is uncomfortable to complete the exercises and to turn over in bed at night, put clothes on etc…  I know it’s only week 1 and perhaps I am expecting too much, too soon :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie34DD I had a lumpectomy 4 weeks ago & I got burning sensations like that for a few weeks but it’s now settled down. So hopefully it will for you, too. Xx

Hi Debbie, I’ve had surgery twice recently and am now 10 days since the second surgery, both times I’ve noticed this is the stage where although I still have bruising and discomfort, It is a lot better. The SNB does cause numbness and sensations due to the nerves.  My GP said it might take weeks or even months to feel more normal X