Burning sensation

Hello there everyone,

I am 25 and have a slight burning sensation in the left breast. And my nipple is sore and tender. I can not be pregnant because i have the mirena coil. My breast is not red or swollen. Its just the burning sensation that is worrying me because i have never had anything like this before. Its not a really bad sensation but only very slight.

Any advice would really put my mind at rest.

Kind regards


Hi Kelle
I don’t want to worry you but I had a DCIS diagnosed by a mammogram. After I had a mastectomy the histology report showed I also had Pagets disease of the breast.
I looked up the information on Pagets on this site and a burning sensation was one of the symptoms and that was the only symptom that I had ever had and it was something I had ignored.
If I had not hit 50 and sent for a routine mammogram which picked up the DCIS I would never have known.
look up Pagets and see what you think. Hopefully its nothing but better to be safe than sorry.

good Luck

Hi Kelle
Not wishing to dismiss Mollyjoemax’s suggestion I would like to add my experience.

I had the mirena coil fitted four years ago, I am much older than you (52) but I can remember sometimes having discomfort in my breasts particularly around the time my periods would have started.

I think you should look in to Mollyjoemax’s suggestion for information and go to your doctor armed with the knowledge as well as asking what it could be. You don’t mention feeling any lumps. Lumps are very often cysts particularly in young women, they are easily sorted.

Not wishing to alarm you but if you are worried never sit worrying, at any age breast cancer can develop and the earlier it is caught the better it will respond to treatment.

Having said all this it is more likely to be an infection than anything sinister but please go to your GP because what ever it is it wants sorting.

Good luck


Also I would like to add dont be fooled that you cant get pregnant on the coil - I did!
Hope you resolve this though.

Love madeline