busom buddies

busom buddies

busom buddies anyone seen the program last night what a wonderful bunch of people they are it would be lovely if we had a meeting like that where we could just catch up and natter but also support each other in the flesh so to speak although we get support on here its not likeface to face contact is it what do others think ?

Hi aroma I saw the programme and I thought the way those ladies supported each other was great, but I did have some concerns. There didn’t seem to be anyone under about 55 and I wondered if this was because it’s a bit cliquey.

When I enquired about the nearest support group to me (run by a bc nurse from the hospital), I was told I would not be welcome because it was for younger women (I’m 54). The one for ‘older women’ is impossible to reach by public transport from where I live and I don’t drive, so that was that. I suggested that they should run a group at the hospital, as most people in the area can get there without too much difficulty, but I was told there wouldn’t be the right atmosphere.

I suppose what I’m saying is that it’s a nice idea, but maybe it’s not practical unless you live in a town.

yes it was a great program and like you i wish there were more of those sort of support group , unfortuantly like Gandalf i dont drive so can not get to any as i live in small village and local transport is awful
so for me these sites are a godsend .

Dawn xx

Mixture of ways Hi Aroma

I use a mixture of ways to support me - I live in a big city and attend 2 support groups , I use assorted BC forums and I’m also in direct contact (email,phone,face to face) with a number of other people around the country (contacts to a large extent , made in the days of contact buttons on this site).

The sort of support I want (or can give to others) varies considerably as can the people who can “deliver” it and the means by which it is done.

Busom Buddies Hiya

I watched it and thought it was great.

Whilst it was upsetting the courage of some of the ladies was fantastic, just hope I can be like them a little bit down the line!!

Lou xxxx

Thoughts Overall I thought this a wonderful testament to women’s friendship and support.

The story of the woman who was dying with liver mets was extraordinarily powerful and movingly presented…upsetting too, but sometimes I need a reality chcek.

As others have said the programme also highlighted the need for diverse kinds of groups and support. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in a group which did PE stretching excecises nor one where women went on quite so much about prostheses, tattoos and reconstructions. One of the reasons I’ve never joined a face to face group.


Bosum Buddies Hi
I only watched part of this programme as I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it. I have liver and bone mets and am selective what I watch!
Over the years I have been involved with friendships , heartaches, support groups and fundraising to beat this blasted disease.
The parts I watched I could relate do as unfortunately I have been there and done that!!
I am glad they filmed the fantastic lady who was dying as it highlighted a lot of difficult issues, even though I had a good cry, somehow I felt less alone.
I have made some great friends through my own bosom buddies but wished I had met them under different circumstances!
Best wishes to you all.
alice xx

hi Just to say Gandalf, i’m from Reading too, i’m only 30 but if you need a chat i’m sure i’m not too far away! i’m waiting for my mastectomy but my mum has had one in the past and i know she attended a support group at the Duchess of Kent house, maybe thats still running and i’m sure it was for ladies of all ages.
take care
Claire x

Thanks, Claire I don’t think that group runs any more - I believe there’s one at the Mansion House in Prospect Park (possibly the young group), but I’m a long way out on the other side of Reading, and can’t get to Wokingham, which I was told would be the most suitable one for me.

Which team have you got? My surgeon was Mr Courtney and my onc is Dr Charlton.

hi Gandalf Well nice to speak to someone from the Berks!
Believe it or not, i’m a nurse from there, used to work on Hurley ward but moved down to theatres. I work with Courtney and he had to diagnose me (poor soul, felt so bad for him to have to tell a collegue) but as i def want reconstruction i’m being shared between him and Mr Smith. Mr Courtney done my lymphs on Fri as he had more theatre space and may do my mastectomy if my lymphs are involved and cant wait for Mr Smith to get back from annual leave. But Mr Smith wil do my final reconstruction job!
Not sure if Charlton or Barratt will be my oncologist yet, having my first appointment at the cancer centre for my results on 1st Aug, will feel like a proper cancer patient then! Prob find out then who i’ll be under. i’ve worked with Dr Charlton before and he’s lovely.
well i’m sure we can meet for a coffee and chat in town one day as thats pretty central,
Keep in touch and you know where i am if you need a chat,
Love Claire x

same here Snap! My surgeon was Mr Courtney and my onc was (at least initially) Dr Charlton. What a small world. Dr Chalton was away on sabatical most of my time through chemo (January to June) so I saw Dr Barrett instead. All the Reading consultants seemed very competent - but I would also say a little over-worked. All my appointments felt a little rushed somehow.

Right now however I’ve transferred to the Cromwell London for my radiotherapy - so it will be a little while before I see any of them again.

But back on topic… But back on topic…

I too watched bosom buddies… and thought it wonderful how mutually beneficial the pansie members found their group. I had not thought I would ever join such a group - but I’m a little more open minded now. I certainly hope it inspires a few ladies to meet up, or join their own local group, especially those who don’t (or can’t) benefit from communities like this forum. It is so important not to feel alone.

Hello angilbert Maybe we will end up getting our own little support group going???
(Has to be in a pub tho!!!)
Gandalf, just to say, my mum who 56 had BC 9 years ago and always willing to offer support if you need it xxx

support group hi re my posting on bosum buddies ,if anyone is interested in meeting up anytime i live in weston super mare and would love to chat about life in general besides bc issues, anyone interested let me know ok love lynn xx

bosom buddies hi - just wanted to add my thoughts on the programme - personally i found it very interesting, particularly because it featured my hospital - James Cook in Middlesbrough. what i found of most interest was the reconstruction part of the programme - i am so up in the air about recon so to see the process done at my own hospital was very good for me. i do have to agree with one of you who also said, however, that the group didnt feature any younger women - i attend a support group once a month (based at the hospital) and we have a very good mixture of ages.

after the Kylie interview, i felt this was a more “normal” programme on BC.