Cab anyone recommend a good relaxation/meditation CD?

I have bought and tried quite a few CDs to help with relaxation etc, most of which don’t seem to do it for me. Just wondering if anyone out there has found any that are really good. I think I need something that concentrates on breathing - I feel so tensed up and at night this stops me sleeping properly. Any ideas please?

You could try googling for CDs by Jon Kabat Zinn. He is an eminent psychiatry professor in the states who specialises in something called Mindfullness Meditation. I was a volunteer on a stress management course at my local cancer support centre last year, we were asked to trial this by the breast/oncology clinic. We were given some of the meditations by this man on CD plus some yoga to do. I am now in a group for this every month.

You can pick up CDs of his from online booksellers like Amazon, they usually come in sets of 4. I know my cancer centre had to ask for a licence to use them.

The information pack from Penny Brohn Cancer Care comes with a CD called An introduction to self help techniques. I find it quite useful for relaxation and meditation. I think the whole pack cost £12 and is available at
Lorna x

one technique suggested to me was putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth towards the back. It automatically makes it more difficult to tense up your jaw.

Weird but true

I also found watching rubbishy night time TV helpful rather than staying in bed feeling tense and trying to sleep. I couldn’t sleep for ages and now I sleep like a log so it does wear off in time.


Hi guys,

I use meditainment audi CDs and DVD, they are brilliant, they talk you throught realxation techniques and visulisation. i have copied on to my I-POD and listen while i am on the train. the website is or


Now my musical tastes may differ from everybody else but there is a hip hop cd you can buy and it basically is a smoking cd but the tunes are really relaxing!!!

Now im not on here trying to promote weed but blaze a fat one up and listen to this and you will forget for five minutes all the tratment and hard times you have gone through.

I hope i have helped in a weird and wonderful way

Nicky xx