Cabazitaxel - anyone on this trial?

I’ve just been diagnosed with secondary mets on my liver. Waiting to hear if I’ve got bone mets too. 

I’ve been offered a place on a trial for Cabazitaxel. I can’t find much about it other than the patient info leaflet they’ve supplied. I was diagnosed last Monday and this is all happening very fast - I need to give them an answer on Wednesday.    I wondered if anyone else with liver mets is taking this drug and can give advice on the side effects? 

The alternative is the usual weekly pacitaxe I believe. 

Would love to hear advice from anyone who’s take this chemo. 


Hello and welcome to the forum …I hope that you find some ladies that are on the same trial and u can support each other. The name of the trial sounds like two chemos being used together for maximum strength but I’m sorry I don’t really know !!
Please use the threads for help and also kindness from real ladies that understand .
Carolyn xx

Yes I was on the concept trial during 2015 and got allocated to the cabazitaxel arm. I found it a relatively easy chemo and more importantly my extensive liver mets disappeared (back now unfortunately but I got a year free of liver mets so worth it).  Worst side effect was yucky taste in my mouth - couldn’t find much to eat that beat it and I did lose my hair (they say you shouldn’t but my hair gradually thinned and once I was finished I had very little left, but came back after 8 weeks). Let me know what else I can tell you and I will try to remember! 

Hello ladies, was interested to read about cabazitaxel as i had never heard of it. |when i looked it up the only reference i could find was for prostrate cancer. is it now being used just for liver mets or any ohers? i have just about exhausted all chemo’s so am keen to learn about new ones. tjanks for any info you can give me. x

Hi all,

Sorry not to have posted in a while - disappointingly last week in the end my liver function was too poor to get onto the trial. I was just under the permitted lower level.   I’m on weekly paclitaxel now and hoping for the best. 


Thanks minttea, i think i have had a look at the concept trial but found it was no use for me…i cant remember why but i’ll double check. x

Concept trial np good for me as i had already had docetaxol…knew there was a reason!!

Did Cabazitaxel work for you or did you choose paclitaxel, just been offered a similar trial and don’t know what to do !

Hi Street fighter
I was on the Concept trial last October and was assigned to the Cabazitaxel arm. It worked well for me with few side effects, a bit like Mint tea … loss of taste but only in first cycle then it came back. Hair thinned a bit and I got more tired towards the 6th (last) cycle . Otherwise very doable, it shrunk my liver mets and stabilised bone mets. Unfortunately liver mets now back so moving on to try Capecitabine.(I’m triple neg secondaries after having 2 bouts of HR+ primaries 10 and 22 years ago!).
Hope this isn’t too late to help and good luck with whichever you choose .
Maggie x