Calcification and breast pain -app tomorrow

Hi All,

I have a new lump - I have lots of old ones :slight_smile: too.

This one however is causing me a lot of pain and is keeping me awake at nights, from discomfort more than worry.
I have very lumpy boobs anyway and having lost my Mum and Gran to cancer when I was a teenager I guess I’ve always been a bit paranoid about it.

Two years ago I had an op to remove a benign growth in a duct, but the mamogram I had at the time showed a cluster of calicified spots in the area I am now having the painful new lump. I was told at the time they were perfectly normal, but it seemed strange to have a cluster there and nowhere else. Anyone give me any more information on this?

Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I have an appointment at the breast clinic tomorrow.
I’d hate my kids to go through what I did when I was their ages.


Hi Babybelle

Below is what Macmillian website says about calcifications.

Quote "There are two types of calcifications - Macrocalcifications and Microcalcifications. Macrocalcification are are coarse calcium deposits in the breast. They look like large white dots or dashes on a mammogram. They are a natural result of breast ageing, and are found in about half of women over the age of 50, and in about one in ten younger women. They may be caused by calcium deposits in a cyst or in milk ducts as women get older. They may also be the result of previous injuries or inflammation. Macro-calcifications are harmless. They are not linked with cancer and do not need any treatment or monitoring.

Microcalcifications are tiny calcium deposits that show up as fine white specks on a mammogram. They are usually found in an area of the breast where cells are being replaced more quickly than normal. Microcalcifications are not usually due to cancer. In a small number of cases, however, a group of microcalcifications seen in one area (a cluster) may be a sign of pre‑cancerous changes in the breast or of an early breast cancer."

Unfortunately, for me, I was on of the ‘small number of cases’ but don’t think for a minute that you will be, remember they say that they may be pre-cancerous changes - so it’s very, very early signs of breast cancer.

Hope this helps you Belle. Good luck for today, am thinking of you. Keep us all posted.


Hi Belle -I’ve just had calsifications (micro) found too -I had a biopsy on Thurs last -everyone at the clinic and all I’ve read says they are mostly benign and anyway if caught early -very treatable if not benign! This is what I’m hanging onto!! get my biopsy results on 22nd Feb (my birthday) waiting isn’t easy !! I hope all went well today ! Laura ps I have pain in the beast where I have the cals too?? but nothing I’ve read links the two symptoms!

OK Doc says its just my general lumpyness.
He couldn’t feel a specific lump, but was very surprised at how tender I was.

I didn’t get a mamogram this time as apparently I’m now too young (and I thought I was getting older too!)
Was sent for an ultra sound but it was all a bit rushed and they only checked one very small area which was slightly to the right of where I’ve been getting the pain. I guess I was a bit vague about it as I droop so much when I lie down.

So I’ve been told its all normal (which is good) but they have no idea why I have such tender localised pain. (Calcifications weren’t mentioned)
It was suggested that I stop eating dairy and red meat (which I don’t eat much of anyway), so I guess that will be my plan for now.

Thanks for the help and info on calcification.
It is much appreciated.


Labro, I hope your Biopsy results are clear.


Hi -My results were clear!! yeah!! Thanks for the support! Hugs to all and every best wish Laura

So glad to hear that Laura.
What a relief



Laura, that’s brilliant news, I’m so happy for you! I love a bit of good news and that really is fantastic.


GOOD NEWS now you couldnt have asked for a better b/day present than that take care