Calcifications on Mammogram

Hi all. Haven’t been around for a while (work) so apologies if I haven’t answered any messages. Just wondered if anyone has come across this senario - had BC at 37 after finding a lump. Had mammogram at 40 with signs of calcification in other breast which they said they would check each year - only to be diagnoised with a new unrelated primary in this breast on my 41st Birthday. Now, today I have been told that the mammogram I had on Monday - has shown signs of calcification and I am waiting for an ultrasound. Now its my Birthday tomorrow so this is starting to become a bit of a habit lol, and I can think of better pressies !!! I am a very, very positive person but I can’t help but think “here we go again” Has anyone come accross/had 3 primary diagnosis’s. 42 yr F1 fan fast approaching 43 !! xxx

Well, I hope tomorrow is a happy birthday! Not had 3 primaries but have had calcification that was just calcification and not cancer, so everything crossed for you! xx

Hiya F1

3 primaries isnt common but can happen.

however calcifications arent necessarily cancer… calcifications can be benign or malignant and they can usually tell by how they look on mammogram and if they cannot tell they will usually do a stereotactic biopsy in the mammogram machine.

the malignant calcifications are usually DCIS rather than an invasive tumour… is this in the same place you had calcifications on your last mammo? if they are the same then they woulnt normally recheck them unless they had changed in appearance.

anyway im keeping my fingers crossed and hope you have a very happy birthday xxxx

Had a good Birthday, thank you both. LuLu, our paths keep meeting lol. My concerns are that last time(2nd time) they said I had calcium deposits but" nothing to worry about, we will mammo every yr and keep an eye on it ". A year went by from “calcium Deposits” to an new cancer diagnosis. Next week, when I get my ultasound - I am going to insist on a biopsy just to be sure. It is just that, as positive as I am, I have other autoimume issues, and this does appear to be the same situ. BUT… I am a HUGE believer of Positive Mental Attitude … so I hope for the best. xxxx And best wishes to you all out there. BTW , I had a Great Birthday !:slight_smile: x

Got an Appt for 23.08.11 - another mammogram but also on the day the radiographer etc is there as before, so they can check anything they are unsure about. so that is good news in the sense I should hopefully find out one way or another … here is hoping it is good news !!

Glad you had a great birthday and ill be keeping my fingers crossed for 23rd for you.

i hope the calcium is the benign type xxx

RESULT, it is a Fat Negrosis, which is around the scar tissue of my 2nd BC and as the yrs go by is changing. i.e. they will keep an eye on it but - ITS NOT CANCER !!! All I can say is that even inyounger Women whom Mammograms are not supposed to work - that they do !! They found my second BC ( which I didnt find), and the changes this time. Anyway - one very happy F1 Fan tonight - celebrating her 17th Wedding Anniversary today with good news rather then bad for once :-))) xxx

gosh, just signed on to check what is going on before i go to sleep, and that is the second good piece of news—brilliant.

F1 i know you and i have travelled a very similar path and im so so happy to read your news.

much love Lulu xxx

Hi F1,
That is really good to hear, I’m so pleased!
Have a lovely Anniversary celebration and enjoy the race tomorrow! xx