I started having itching and burning in my right breast back in August. Felt a lump which I figured was a cyst that’s kind of what it felt like another spot that felt “off”

waited a few months to make sure not period related 

Finally went to see a doctor in December (I tend to procrastinate a little bit) had a referral done for a mammogram and an ultrasound, had the ultrasound done later in December no mammogram, too young 37… 

So Had ultrasound done in December didn’t get a call back until a week ago they said I should’ve been called sooner they did find a cyst, figured that, also they found a spot of dense tissue and they found clusters of calcification.

But I’m confused as I’ve been reading that calcification generally doesn’t show up on an ultrasound in my reading.

anywho, I now have to set a 3 month follow up appointment for the end of March, for another US and possibly a mammogram this time. 

not too worried, but curious if anyone else had calcifications show up on an US 

Hi Mrs D

ive had DCIS ( non invasive cancer ) …it showed up on an US as calcifications…a biopsy was taken…I then went on to have an MRI and a mammogram to get a clearer picture before I had surgery…I was 46 at the time and pre menopausal.
hope all goes well for you