Hi all,
I am 36 (not sure if i still class as young… I hope so! :wink:
I had a fibroadenoma removed 3 years ago and was relieved it truly was benign. My mum has BC early and later died of mets. My sister and I have screening annually and have done for the last 3 years.

My query, is that I have moved from Hertfordshire to Wales, and therefore transferred breast clinics, i requested the continuation of my screening.

On having a mamo and ultrasound in January, I was told I had calcifications around my lumpectomoy scar… to which the Dr said ‘your right breast’, now i had a lumpectomy in my LEFT breast, not my right, so corrected her on the op site. She was a little confused, so i clarified… and she said ‘oh right’.

So… anyway, she said that she’d ask the Dr to check my scans and re-call me if they needed to. And / or ask for my scans from my former clinic.

I’m wondering, now, 3 months on, if i should have asked for my scans myself from my old clinic or if i can actually do this?

I’ve called and left a message to speak to someone about my scan and ensure they’ve had my others through. I had an MRI last year too so am hoping that they have a good baseline somewhere along the line.

I’m also kicking myself for not looking at my scan close up. :frowning: Do you all do this? Would i appear paranoid? Am i being paranoid?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me. I’m feeling a little foolish/worried.


Hi Jane

6 years ago I moved from Manchester to Cornwall I have kept in touch with my Manchester bc nurse and her help has been invaluble. I always ask to see scans its important to visualise the enemy. My cliinc give me a print out so I can keep a record. Go by your instinct and dont let them put you off I keep a little book and make notes it so easy to forget what we are told. When I used to get my book Iwould get a look but they are used to me now and we have a laugh.

Love Debsxxx

Thanks Debs, when i had my lump before i wrote everything down, but i’m never sure how nosey to be!
I’ll have a chat with my old clinic if i don’t hear back soon i think and ask for copies of my scans then, if they can do that after they are done then maybe it’ll give me something to go on later if i need them.

Will also take more note of my scans etc in future.

It’s nice to know i’m not being silly and that it’s ok to be careful.

Thank you, Hugs, Jane