Calcium and vitamin D supplements

After successful lumpectomy and 5 doses of radiotherapy, I am now on anastrazole for 5 years. The constant recommended that I take calcium and vitamin D supplements as well. I didn’t realise how many options there were for these supplements - how much should I take? A joint pill or separate? Are any makes better/worse? Please advise, it’s so confusing! 

I get calcium from drinking fat free milk daily.

I do not want to create more problems and take Calcium.

 I have  DCIS ER+ BC for 8 years,

I was VERY low in vitamin D. I no longer have that problem.

I take Healthcare Solutions: Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2. (chewable 5000 IU  once a day)

K2 helps the absorption.

I get my blood tested lots and I am now in the Proper Vitamin D range.

Find a similar product if you can not find this brand.

And do not forget to have your Vitamin D tested everytime you get a blood draw so you can watch it.

You can get to much D.

With Love and let me know if you have any questions.