Calcium supplement tablets

Can I direct this to Teresa,you seem more with-it than my BCN!
I was originally put on Femara,after 8 months I was changed to Aromasin by the surgeon cos of me complaining about aches and pains. The Aromasin was worse if anything and my good boob was really sore,I said this to the Onc after 2 months on the above and he put me on Tamoxifen which he said he would have given me initially. What I neglected to ask was whether or not to stay on the Ad-cal D3(calcium tabs),to my knowledge I dont have osteoporosis and the leaflet in the Tamoxifen box says it may strengthen bones. Any comments? Love Mags x P.S.I`m well past the change(58)

yes keep taking the vit d and ask for bone strenghthening tabs too .i was on arimadex and then because of lack of funding was not given the dexa scan ,now im found to have osteoporosis ,so the arimadex really took its toll on my bones .im on aromasin now and quite frankly the side effects are the same ! im no spring chicken either ,60 this year . hope you get answers that you want .good kuck .x

Hi Mags - so sorry i’ve only just spotted this thread and unfortunatly i don’t think i am going to be much help! So far i’ve only been on tamoxifen and i had a nuclear bone scan when i was first diagnosed which said my bones seemed okay so so far they have not mentioned anything about bone strengthning tablets to me…

I hope someone else can help more…

Theresa x

HI girls

Picking up on bones

Just finished rads which they say takes its toll on bones anyway but also on Arimadex (I think cos I was post menapausal on diagnosis)and this too has bone and joint problems I believe so thinking the joint pain is part of the business now - I have been prescribed D cal 40 twice a day (drink form for a change to tablets which also encourages me to drink more). I was told I need to take this for the rest of my life to avoid bone problems or at least when on Arimidex.

onc told mw last week I need a bone density scan in next few weeks before I start more post surgery chemo (tax x 6 due to high lymph node affected 11 of 13 taken) But I dont know how this is taken and what it involves can anyone tell me if they have had a bone density scan?

Love and hugs to all Dee X

A dexa scan takes about 5 minutes. You lie on a tab;e with a support under your knee. They take two photos - of your spine and your hip. These photos are then graded according to the density of your bones compared with your age and an estimate is made as to how they will wear over the years. They are transferred onto a small graph to show how they are expected to deteriorate.

Just so you know - results are instant so it is worth asking the radiographer for a quick look if you are a worrier!!!

Hi Pheebster

I thought results were instant when radiographer told me on the day that my bones were fine. This was on 26th Feb. But last Friday I received letter from onc advising that scan showed osteopenia. I have only been on Arimidex since Jan.Apparently I should be able to control this with a calcium rich diet, but if I struggle with that my GP can give me a supplement. I’m not to be scanned again for 2 years. Don’t know how I’m supposed to know if I’m controlling it meantime or if it’s reversible.

Hi there I had a bone density scan which showed osteoporosis in my spine I am also on Arimidex and I am having radiotherapy.
My GP has perscribed CALCIUM CARBONATE AND COLECALCIFEROL CHEWABLE TABS 1.5 GRAMS+10 MICROGRAMES(400 UNITS)I copied this from the perscription as I have not taken any yet as I was going to ask my onc if they were ok to take with the Arimidex just wondering if any of you ladies can help with this matter.

love Linda x

Hi all

Linda I’m on the same drugs/supplements as you - I’ve been on Arimidex since January and have just been prescribed CALCIUM CARBONATE AND COLECALCIFEROL CHEWABLE TABS 1.5 GRAMS+10 MICROGRAMES(400 UNITS) following blood tests which showed a low Vit D level, which can appaently cause similar symptoms to menopause and Arimidex - aches, stiffness, tiredness etc etc.

I had a dexa scan before starting Arimidex and my bones were slap bang average for my age and weight/height or whatever they base the judgement on. But with my mother, aunt and grandmother all suffering from osteoporosis, I’m happy to be taking the calcium.

Not started yet - the chemist was shut when I walked along there this afternoon!


Thanks River seems they must be ok to take with the Arimidex then,its just I know we have to be careful even taking herbal remedies as maybe it could interfere with the Arimidex doing there work.

I am still wondering whether to take a small dose of asprin every other day as there is a lot on line about it helping to keep the cancer away but at the same time how do we know it wont interfere with these powerful anti cancer drugs LONG TERM!!!just a thought.

Love Linda x


I wouldn’t start taking aspirin without checking with your GP/onc. I agree - it’s a real concern taking different drugs and supplements - I think that even the medics don’t know half the time, but there are some better known no-nos like St Johns Wort and anti depressants. I think the best thing is always to check with the professionals.



I am on Letrozole and wanted to take aspirin after hearing about the report, so I spoke to my GP and he was happy for me to take it and prescribed 75mg tablets. I take them every other day.

Ann x