Calcium Supplements for Letrozole

Hello Ladies


I was prescribed a calcium supplement by my oncologist - this was Adcal-D3, to be taken twice a day, 1500mg calcium carbonate (equivalent to 600mg calcium) and 400 I.U colecalciferol (eq to 10 micrograms of vitamin D3.)  I was prescribed two a day, so 3000mg CC eq to 1200mg calcium and 800 I.U (eq to 20 micrograms Vit D3.)


My GP has now prescribed Calci-D, which is only once daily, and contains 1000mg calcium (as carbonate - no equivalent figure for calcium is specified) and 1000 I.U (25 micrograms) colecalciferol/vit D3.


I am no chemist, but I am worried I am taking only a third of the mg of calcium carbonate that I was - was 3000mg a day and now only 1000mg.


Has anyone been in this position before?  Is it something I should be concerned about - speaking to my BCN or GP about?


If anyone can enlighten me I would be very grateful!


Many thanks.






I would only say that your GP is supposed to continue with the oncologist’s prescription?  Usually the letter from the hospitals that advise GP’s about your in-hospital treatment and medication make that clear?  I don’t know why your GP would have changed it, unless your surgery has not yet received the necessary advice and he/she is working on their own experience?  Sounds like someone needs a boot up the bum !!!

This is an old thread but I’m hoping to revive it. I’ve been told to take calcium supplements with my Letrozole but it’s a minefield of info on the internet. I haven’t been given a prescription so have to work it out for myself. I understand, but could be incorrect, that I need 1500mg and calcium carbonate is the most easily absorbed. What brands do people take and would you recommend them? The reviews of the Solgar one says you have to take 3 tablets a day so it’s not value for money. As I fret about the environment, I’d dearly like to find a plastic-free option. Thanks for any advice. xx