Calcium/Vit D supplements when ER+

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I am starting this thread after recent discussions on this in other threads.

If you are ER+ and on hormone treatment, which calcium/vit d supplement have you been prescribed to protect your bones?

I am concerned as I was precribed Adcal and then changed to Calceos as Adcal contained soya oil. I have now found out that Calceos contains it too.

Do all makes of these contain soya oil? Does anyone think that taking a supplement twice a day that conatins soya is a problem? I thought us ER+ ladies were supposed to avoid soya?

My onc is away this week and my bcn doesnt know the answer!


I thought Arimidex was making me vomit. I stopped taking AdCal because I was in so much pain as well and symptoms have improved greatly. Oh well, osteoporosis here I come!
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I am on calcichewD3 forte (calcium and vit D and had a E++ bc in Feb08. However due to treatment and arimidex, I already have osteoporosis in my hips and spine so need to take it. There is a great deal of debate about soya and am unsure about its relevence to E++ bc. It seems one treatment helps with one problem and gives you others.I should do more things diet wise I suppose but need to have quality of life too (my problems with armidex in another thread).However, it is understandable wanting to do all you can to avoid recurrence.


Hi there, My gynae prescribed MenaCal 7 (calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2). I don’t know if its available in the UK (maybe under a different name?) Here in South Africa you can buy it in the health shops. Good luck!

Crumbs and crumbling bones!

I take Adcal too am hormone pos but had overies removed but like everyone will still have residual oestrogen in my system.

There’s a very good lady at The Haven who will probably have a take on this subject so I will email her for “perceived wisdom”.

Stay tuned …

Hi all

I think the amount of soya in these tablets must be very small compared, say, to downing a bucket of beansprouts of a pile of tofu.

Also, if you read the labels of all sorts of processed foods - I’m thinking of sauces, spices, condiments, stock cubes, ready meals here - you will find that many of them contain soya. It is incredibly widely used in the food industry.

I’ve never been told by an onc, bcn etc, to avoid foods such as these which containing low levels of soya, so I imagine that ingesting small amounts such as these must currently be considered safe.