Calendar -update ?FAO Puppydog/Aroma

Girls, any idea of whe the photo shoot is likely to be ? My husband and I are going to book a weekend away for our 1st anniversary - 15th & 16th Sept. Is it likely to clash ? Dont want to miss out.

speak soon

Vezza xx

Hopefully I will get the dates beginning of next week, and will let you know. I am on hols 6-13 september so we were hoping to get it started and completed by the 6th.

I will drop you an e-mail when it is if that is ok.
speak soon
C x


any more info on the calendar ? when the shoot is etc?

getting very excited.


Well don’t know whats going on with this calender as i had an e-mail saying photo shoot etc has been put on hold til next january and calender would be printed for sale in 2008???/


Yes Karen that is correct, and I explained it was due to ladies that are onboard to do the calendar, having chemo and treatment, during the end of this month, and september, also holidays, and it would be a mad rush to get things done for the calendar for October this year, so that is why we have put it on hold till January, so that there is respect to the ladies getting their treatments and do our calendar more relaxed and fun, with all onboard.

Appologies for this, but it was better to do this, than have a rushed calendar, and it reflect on the quality, we want this to be more than perfect, and for the ladies involved not to be stressed out especially with their treatments at same time.

I do hope this clarifies any queries, and confusions.

Thanks puppydog, was beginning to think i’d read e-mail wrong!! did explain the reasons in e-mail and i’m sure we all agree its better to wait and show consideration to those under going treatments so that they can be more relaxed and hopefully we can all enjoy meeting up in the new year.

karen xx

I was excited too but this way we get to stand outside by a pool in our bikini’s in the middle of january, but going by the weather we could actually get our summer in January!!