Call back after ultrasound

Hi ladies,


I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago where a lump was confirmed, the doctor took a sample from the lump and I was told I would get the results via telephone today. Anyway, they now want me to go back in to see them. I can’t see how this could be anything but bad news. My head is all over the place, luckily this wait is only for a week. 

Hello woohoo.  This is the worst time waiting for results and every day feels so very long.  You will find everyone here very supportive and we all know that this time is the worst.

Hope your results are positive.  Best advice is to avoid google and know that this forum will provide you with so much information regardless of the outcome.


take care.xx

Hi woowoo,

Do let us know how you got on at your appointment. 

Best wishes,