Call back at Breast Clinic.....

Hello all

I was dx almost exactly two years ago, had wle, snb, chemo and rads. Went for my 2nd annual mammo last Friday and got my letter today:

“Further to your recent mammogram, before giving a final report it is necessary for you to attend for further views”

Anyone had a call back like this?

I am off to open a bottle of wine!!!

Sheila xxxx

Hope you haven’t finished the bottle yet! Perhaps they are just being thorough. Not exactly the same but at my 1st post op mammo the first set of pics were unclear so I was asked to have a second set done on that day, which I did. Turned out they too were unreadable and I got a similar letter to yours as they wanted to try again. Could be the same thing?

Wshing you lots of luck


Jane x

you can be called back for lots of reasons… sometimes its a technical recall like Janes experience, but it could be any number of things which they need to look at further… we sometimes have ladies coming back because they have pinched a bit of breast tissue so its overlapping and cannot see right through it and all we need to do are take some extra mammos, sometimes there is something which looks benign but they just want to confirm this… but obviously they want to check that there isnt anything more sinister there that needs dealing with.

Lulu x

Thanks Jane and Lulu for your replies. I hope it is a technicality and will try not to worry until there is a reason to do so. Anyway, I have been shopping to take my mind off things! I felt I deserved it… Any excuse.

I will post after the checks on Thursday.

Love Sheila xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lulu, I am going to phone my BCN on Monday. Do you think she will know why I have been called back?

Sheila xxxx

Hi Sheila

she should be able to find out for you even if she doesnt know off the top of her head… the mammo report should be available and this would indicate if it was a technical recall or if they are recalling you for another reason such as a change showing… there is a scoring system out of 5 for degree of suspicion of cancer… 1 is normal breast tissue, 2 is benign, 3 is uncertain but probably benign, 4 is suspicious and 5 malignant… people would def get called back for 3-5 but sometimes also for a 2.

your letter doesnt sound overly concerning so that is maybe a good thing, but your BCN should be able to tell you why you need further views.

Lulu xx

Thanks so much Lulu. Sheila xxxxxxxx

Hi! Well, all is fine. Had mammo and ultra sound. Both clear. The radiographer thought it was most prob a case of overlapping tissue on the original mammo. I know I was quite scared throughout the week but am so glad that they are so thorough.

Thanks Lulu for your input, lovely to have a BCN to hand!!!

Celebrating this weekend, my HT bought me a bottle of champagne so would be rude not to drink it!

Love to all especially to those worrying and waiting for results.

Sheila xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So happy4u,just read ur post

Thank you! Sheila xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sheila wonderful news after such a worrying time for you.So very pleased for you J xx

Really pleased as well Sheila! Go out and celebrate!
Margaret X X X

Thanks everyone. Sheila xxxxxxxxxxxxx

sheila only just read your news and im so happy for you.

best wishes
Lulu xxx

So happy for you. I too have been recalled for tomorrow. I never received my letter (mamm 7th April) and had to chase the result myself so am rather shocked and terrified.

good luck tomorrow dolphin x

everything crossed for you xxx

Hi Dolphin, I have only just seen your post. I really hope you have had better news. Please let us know.

Best wishes,

Sheila xxxxxxxxxxx