Called back after routine 50+ mammogram.

I am new to the site. I have been recalled after my first ‘over 50’ mammogram - I am 52 and terrified - I have read and re read the information and statistics re recalls but I seem to have been doing what you advise not to - searching the internet and reading all sorts.
I banged my breast quite hard on a door latch 3 weeks ago - the routine mammogram was already arranged. When I went for the mammogram the bruising was just fading. Could this be the reason for the recall?? Would bruising obscure anything?
I worry also because the appointment came so quickly - I know irrationally and I should be thankful for such a quick service - but my mind is just churning.
I know it is early days - does everyone feel like this?

Try not to panic - my SiL was recalled after her first one and it turned out to be a bit of fat that had made them suspicious.

Hi yes i was called back after my rotine mammogram,I have also known many friends who have had a call back and it as turned
out to be nothing.yes mine turned out to be breast cancer,The waiting is the worse feeling I’ve ever hard.
I would however not read the comments on this site untill you have been back,Don’t get me wrong it is a great support
and holds alot of information,from both BCC themselves and also from all the ladies who have had to come onto it.
The reason for not reading them is that when I had the call back I came on and frightened myself silly till I was imagining allsorts.
I hope you really don’t have to return,and everything is ok,but if you do we will all support you and you will make alot of new
friends.I kept myself really busy in the time I was waiting,My house has never been so clean,Infact it probably will be never be again,
But i had to keep my mind occupied,and be so tired when i went to bed,hoping to get some sleep.
If however you do have to return it will take sometime to sink in,but remember it is all doable and we will all support you,We are here for all the feelings you will go through.anger,upset,and yes we even have a good laugh hard to believe at the moment,but yes its true,
I wish you all the very best resultsxxxx

Don’t panic! Only about one people in ten who are reclled are found to have breast cancer - so there is only a small chance that you do have anything to worry about. Try to look on it as a double check, which is a good thing.

As Walton says, it is a hugely worrying time and I think that everyone understands that so just shout if you have any queries and ask lots of questions when you go for your appointment.

If, you do get a positive diagnosis, like me, then at least the screening has brought it to our attention sooner than would have been the case otherwise. However, fingers crossed that you will be fine - come back and let us know if you can. Looby x

I have been recalled twice and it was nothing either time - but I know just how you feel and nothing anyone says will alter that feeling but they are right please don’t read too much.

I was diagnosed at a result of routine Mammo 16 months ago and I was positive. I can honestly say that I was so relieved to know, even though it wasn’t the best news, I found the waiting was the worst. Luckily for me an early diagnosis and have cleared my op and treatment. Had another mammo June this year and was re-called again for other breast!. This time it was just breast tissue.

You will not know anything until you have been back. Then believe me you WILL find the strength to go with it either way.

Love to all

Hi Pollygid - as everyone says - don’t panic - I was routinely called back a couple of times and then got the all clear - unfortunately third time unlucky but not the end of the world - try not to worry too much and let us know how you go on!!

Love and good vibes x

I think many people get a callback due to vague imaging (digital technology scores here). So you might be asked to have another mammogram from a slightly different angle. So don’t be too terrified yet!

Also, as Normski pointed out, it really is better to know. I had a mammo and ultrasound this morning to check and see how the chemo’s worked. Really great radiographer who talked me through the images and told me the tumour’s shrunk but I’d developed a cyst (harmless). Which is good news, cause I’d wondered if the little f*rker was growing again.

Oh well, MRI tomorrow and then surgery.

But seriously, it’s better to know than not. And sometimes the things you learn are good!

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

L x

Hi Pollygid

I was called back twice after routine mammos, both times it was cysts, once I was drained (painless) and the second time they were left alone. It is scarey, but you have a much bigger chance of it being “nothing” than of it being serious.



Let u know how you get on - good luck

Hugs to all

Hi, 4 of my friends have had call-backs and they all proved negative - specks of talc etc, another was a calcium lump. All call backs have to be with in 2 weeks (I think) so dont worry. You will probably have another mammogram, maybe an ultra sound scan and then a needle biopsy if needed. As the others have said dont panic, try and sleep.
I did not come on the site until the afternoon of my recall when the radiographer said that it would have to come out. Mine was only 4mm so the technology these days can pick up really small abnormalities.

Good luck!


Dear everyone,
Thank you so much for your messages of support and advice. I have just come back from screening and everything was OK - a cyst!

I don’t think I have ever felt so anxious but reading the message boards was a real help. Your responses helped me to see that whatever had been the outcome there is such a lot of genuine support.

I have not slept for a few nights and feel so relieved but absolutely shattered.
Thank you everyone for your comments and common sense.

Love and good luck to you all

Pollygid x

Hey Pollygid
That is the news that we want to here.Yes you will be shattered,get some sleep and then enjoy your life. xxxxx

Hey Pollygid
Great to hear the good news - sleep well!!! xx

Great news!! Have a bottle of something tonight!