Called back for results

Hi. I’ve had quite a large lump for a while in my breast. I’ve never been too worried about it though as I’m only 22. Had a needle aspiration last november but the person who did it wasn’t the doctor who’d examined me and i remember thinking that he hadn’t put the needle quite in the right place. Any way i was told it was an fibroadenoma and went back last month for a check up. They did the needle aspiration again, (this time in the right place) and they told me that they’d post me the results. I’m away at uni but my mum rang to tell me that the letter had come and that they want me to go back in… I’m not panicking too much, they’ve probs lost my sample or something…I just wondered if anyone knew if you can get your results over the phone. I’m away at uni and don’t can’t really make the appointment they’ve given me as its the week before all my exams…but obviosuly want to know asap. The clinics closed over the weekend so I’m ringing first thing monday morning…Just wondered if anyone else got called back and why this could be?


I wouldn’t worry about the fact that the hospital want to see you in person to discuss your results. This does not mean at all that it may be bad news. Infact, this is fairly routine procedure as they need to explain properly what they have found and I doubt very much you would get any results either good or bad over the phone as the information does need to given face to face. I guess you just have to decide whether you can cope not knowing for a bit longer or whether you need the peace of mind of the knowledge. Would your university not give you a bit of flexibility under the circumstances?

Good luck


Hi Cathy,
thanks for the message :slight_smile: Yeah I’m sure you’re right… I wouldn’t mind being called back normally- it’s just not the best of times right now. I’ll ring on Monday morning to see if I can put it back a week, or two…I’m not worrying about it, have lots of other things to worry about right now!

what a joke!

Rang up this morning and explained my sitation… the receptionist was v. nice but told me that i shouldn’t put my appointment back because there are none until june… I agreed to keep my appointment for the 8th… then my mum rang up and explained that I didn’t want to pay £40 for a train ticket if they were just going to tell me what i already knew and the receptionist agreed to aske the doctor who’s in tomorrow and will ring me back then to let me know. She also asked my mum if i’d be able to come in this week! I’m made up that the receptionist will do that for me but why only when my mum insisted and not when I asked!!!