Calling Eurotunnel travel insurance converts!!

As you’ll have gathered I’ve become almost evangelical in my praise of Eurotunnel - I think having been hit with the 12 K quote after going through the same questions over and over I am so pleased to find a company taking a pragmatic view to cancer and other chronic health conditions and cover me and my OH for £112 worldwide for the year.

I do have a problem tho - I’ve been trying to get Macmillan to include them in their recommended insurees online and later when they reissue their booklet. The response I’m getting is basically "we’ve passed your info onto the team and if they think it appropriate it will be considered for inclusion’. Not sure I’m too impressed by that and wonder if they actually require a certain number of recommendations before they pursue.

Could I ask you to contact Macmillan yourselves asking they include Eurotunnell cos they like people with cancer who want to travel (!!) and see if numbers do the trick. I’ve not included the contact Macmillan details - you can get them from their website - in case I offend too many BCC rules!!



I have just taken out a 1 yr Worldwide travel ins with Eurotunnel and it has cost significantly less than a 1 trip ins in previous yrs.( Insure Pink and All Clear) I did query them not needing medical history but was told if my Dr said I was fit to travel then that was OK.
Thanks for all the info on this. Nina I do hope MacMillan can add this company to their list Jxx

A shameless bump - need more responses! Lots of you have used eeurotunnel I know!


I have already recommended it to Macmillan for inclusion on their list.
I also told my local Maggies Centre who are now recommending it to patients.

Maggies gave me details of lots of insurers to try none of which would take me on.
I have gone back and told them about Eurotunnel and they will now pass details to others in a simuilar situation.
We should be on commission

Another convert who cannot praise Euro Tunnel highly enough, after enduring several years of paying astronomical insurance prices to include cover for BC and a couple of other pre existing medical conditions.
I too spread the word where and when ever I can.
Many thanks again to Nina for sharing this with us and saving our precious money whilst giving peace of mind on our travels.

Your wish is my command! Off to the MacMillan website now!
The more the merrier! Let’s face it, with the amount of health screening we are now subject to we are at much less risk than the rest of the population!

Hi all looking for travel insurance for Egypt in may have been looking for euro tunnel insurance but it keeps bringing up a car I was looking for holiday is tht is the right site x. Thanks rozita

Try this link Rozita:-
Telephone number is 08443 353535 to discuss your cover and to get a quote
good luck

Amazing!!!Just bought a week’s travel insurance for £17 - a little over.(Europe) Checked what needed/what criteria is as I have had treatment for breast cancer. Only criteria is that my Doctor says I am fit to travel, which is the case, and Eurotunnel do not wish to see evidence of that. No doubt they would be likely to if I made a claim, but there would be no problem with that anyway.

Fantastic!! I think InsurePink can expect to catch a cold…!!!

And yes, I am now going to email MacMillan to add my request that they name this on their site.
Thank you, thank you for this info!!

Hi there, I have secondary brest cancer, spread to liver, spine and pelvis. I really want to go to Canada this summer, but have no idea if i will get insurance. My cancer is under control and I feel well. I know I will need to wait nearer the time but I am going to check out this company. After reading everyones comments I am feeling a bit more hopeful. I really like the sound of getting annual cover. I looked on the website and it looks like it is only cover for when you are travelling on the eurotunnel, but all your experiences seem to say otherwise. Thank you for the tip. I will let you know how I get on. In the past I have used MIA and they have been great but wont cover Canada. On average I have been about £55 for a 2 week trip to europe with them.
thanks again, i have my fingers and toes crossed.

Hi rachel, phone them, the no. is listed above on someone elses post and obviously on the website. I, too, couldnt seem to get an online quote, i think i just couldnt believethat a company called eorotunnel would insure me without going on the tunnel! The link was on a separate heading under insurance i believe.
I rang and told them i wanted to FLY to MEXICO, no tunnels, not europe, no cars and couldnt believe it when i got a worldwide annual cover for 70 quid, having just had rads to spine with mets there and in pelvis and ribs. had the best holiday ever, ziplining 300 ft high in the jungle, jeep racing and snorkeling with turtles before starting chemo on return.
The info about eurotunnel first came to light after a newspaper report (guardian or independent i believe) queried why travel ins companies do not operate a fair ‘fit to travel’ policy on the basis of individual health instead of automatically penalising those with a long term chronic condition like diabetes, controledl hypertension etc or for being over 70. I work in a GP surgery and some of our 70+ patients are a heck of a lot fitter and healthier than our 40+ patients!
Anyway, as stated above, eurotunnels only stipulation is that at the time of booking your holiday your gp would consider you fit to travel. You do not need a letter confirming this when you apply or when you travel just should you need to make a claim. I checked with my onc and my gp, more than once (!) and asked them to log in my notes that they were happy for me to travel on the dates i was going to go and got packing!
I am another one who has emailed macmillan, nina, as well as mentioning it at work whenever i can!
Happy holidays x

This sounds fantastic. Has anyone had any experience of having to claim for a health issue?

Thank you Alize, I gave them a phone today and I am over the moon that I will be able to go to Canada. I am stunned that this company can offer fair policies for people like us. I was quoted about £132 for myself and my fiance for worldwide annual cover including winter sports (£112) without sports. I also asked about the excess, medical excess is £35…WOW!!! My trip isn’t until July so I will get cover nearer the time, also have to wait until my check up at the end of May (fingers crossed with that haha). At age 31 it is horrible to be refused insurance and this has made me feel normal. Thanks so much everyone for the tip, I will be telling everyone at my local Maggies centre in Dundee and will also e mail Macmillan, everyone should know about this, amazing!!!
I am a newly qualified nurse and I know what you mean about 70+ sometimes being fitter than younger people. I will be telling as many people as I can about this company. The girl on the phone was lovely too.
ps Your trip to Mexico sounded absolutely amazing!!! xxx

Ditto ditto ditto alize!
Fortunately I haven’t had to make a claim though x

This is a brilliant nugget of information. Since diagnosis I have only travelled within Europe with the ‘safety net’ of the EHIC scheme. It’s great to know about this insurer from others in similar position health-wise. I hope to venture further afield sometime soon.

However, I would also be interested in posts from anyone who has had/currently has cancer who has had to claim from Eurotunnel for a health-related issue (whether cancer-related or not).

Another convert! Worldwide insurance for £73.50, and only seven minutes on the phone.
I will email Macmillan.
Thank you Nina for letting us all know about this.

Thanks for this Nina. I shall be ringing them for a quote.
i see they don’t insure over 70’s. My husband will be 71 in May and is in good health. Can anyone recommend a reasonable insurer for him? We are just interested in Europe.