Campaign to stop topless page 3 pictures

Just in case anyone wants to join in the campaign to stop topless page 3 models. I have signed a petition. There are demos happening Today. Somehow, it seems even more relevant now I have had a BC dx!

Bump. (just the one - this isn’t page 3!! :))

Now…no offence to anyone and apologies in advance to anyone offended by page 3 pictures…but…these are pretty girls showing off their assets…and good luck to them I say…you only live once and if they want to show off their bodies then fair enough…if anyone doesn’t want to see page 3 then don’t buy the newspaper showing it…what’s it going to be next…no topless sunbathing…no nude beaches…we live in a nanny state as it is for goodness sake…remember…this is only my opinion…and as I’ve said apologies to anyone offended by page 3!!!

just to make it clear…I don’t go to nude beaches…that would clear it in a heartbeat!!!

It’s not the nude boobs per se. I’ve no objection whatsoever to people being topless or nude if they so wish, in appropriate circumstances. It is the fact that it’s ONLY EVER topless women. All the men in those newspapers are clothed and doing stuff, not standing looking gormless in their underpants. What message does that send to young girls? The models in question are also not a true representation of ‘normal’ and therefore add another thing for young ladies (and older ones!) with body image issues to worry about.

The campaign isn’t trying to stop men’s mags or nudist beaches. It is just pointing out that, in this day and age, this is no longer appropriate for what claims to be a 'news’paper. (And I personally never buy them - because they aren’t ‘news’ - but the majority of the population do buy them!!)

"Remember, we don’t mean any disrespect to women who choose to be glamour models, and we don’t think that all pictures of this type should be banned. But we keep wondering; what do children think when the pictures in Britain’s biggest selling daily newspaper show men, fully dressed, doing things in the world, and women just standing there in their knickers, looking sexy?
If you want to illustrate how influential Page Three is in our society ask people these questions?

  • Can you name three female footballers?
  • Can you name three female company chief executives?
  • Can you name three Page Three glamour models?"

totally agree with you applestreet xxx

Sorry original poster but I too agreee with Applestreet - in fact anything that raises breast awareness is no bad thing to me!
Now maybe if they could swap occasionally with David Hay’s derrierre (Celebrity get me Out…) I’d not mind that!!

JCJ, I totally agree with you and signed the petition weeks ago. I can’t really understand why anyone would think it’s appropriate or acceptable for this kind of sexist image to be published in a "news"paper. I have no problem with topless women on the beach, but wouldn’t expect to see a topless woman walking down the street - it’s all about what’s appropriate for any given environment.

Hiya…Angelfalls…like I said in my post…no offence to anyone who doesn’t approve of page 3…we are all entitled to an opinion…JCJ doesn’t like page 3 and I think it’s OK…this is an excellent topic to discuss…but page 3 girls don’t walk down the front street with their boobs out!!!..children do not see page 3…not in my house anyway…I agree with what you say…it’s all about what’s appropriate for any given environment…boobs on page 3 are a kind of tradition…it’s just a bit of fun and with all the sh**e we have to put up with in life…especially ladies in our position…we need all the light things in life we can get…once again…no offence to anyone…just my opinion…

I’m not offended by your post, Applestreet, and I respect your right to express your own opinion. I just don’t understand it.

Page 3 “girls” (I think they have to be women, or it would be child pornography), don’t walk down the street topless because they would be arrested - why is that? My point is that if The Sun claims to be a newspaper and not a “lads mag”, there should be no place for images which objectify and sexualise women; that is not news. Would it be acceptable for Fiona Bruce to appear topless on BBC news? Children can and do see page 3 because The Sun is a "news"paper, not a top shelf, soft porn publication.

The “tradition” argument is a thin one; bear baiting and foxhunting were traditions - that didn’t make either of them any more palatable. It is also an argument used by those who continue the practice of forced marriages, honour killings and genital mutilation, extreme practices which are all about the degradation and control of women. Though obviously nowhere near as serious, I personally consider page 3 to be about the degradation and control of women, normalising everyday sexism so that it is seen as “just a bit of fun”, “light” and entertaining. What exactly is so amusing about a photograph of a young woman showing her breasts?

As you say, I don’t mean to offend anyone. That’s just my opinion.

Just my four penneth, to me they are sexualising young women, it is outdated and not appropriate for a ‘news’ paper. Now if there was a BC awareness campaign which celebrated and highlighted imagery of both men and women who have had an mx on page three in a positive manner, then that could be classed as news and make more sense… Just my view;)

Well I know men like looking at boobs - big unblemished ones apparently - and I like looking at chaps chests and backsides BUT I DON’T WANT/NEED/EXPECT TO SEE THEM IN MY NEWSPAPER.

It’s soooooo old-fashioned


JCJ I agree with you, as I take a political view. Women are supposed to be equal to men, and yet here we are in the 21st century, and women are still getting their tits out for their gratification of men. Why are there no newspapers showing men with their tackle out? Answer: because the newspapers that objectify women, are owned by men, and men are therefore able to determne what is acceptable. No doubt someone will say, that these models are the ones with power because they are paid, but the only reason they can earn a living displaying their breasts, is because men have created and are able to maintain a market.
The argument that women models have power because they are being paid just doesn’t hold up, I’m a woman prepared to get my tits out for money but would I get paid? The answer is nom because men control the market, and because I have a mastectomy it would be a turn off for the poor darlings.

I’m just hopping on here because this has situation has interested me for a long time, the objectification of both women and now men.
The page 3 thing, for me, is old news. The Sun is a dispicable paper, and should be shut down, it’s not news, it’s tabloid trash, and always has been.
But in the bigger picture, yes, parents are allowing their children to look at and gawp at the page 3 models, and this does create from an early age some objectification. Unfortunately now, and I say unfortunately, because cases of anorexia and body dismorphia are happening in both boys and girls as a result of the pressure from media, young men are being objectified in a far more subtle way. Topless male scenes in afternoon viewing like the Merlin programme are permeating through. It’s not just men being encouraged to ogle a woman’s boobs, it’s women being encouraged to gawp at a mans torso.
There is so much pressure in this century to look at certain way, and instead of becoming more educated and sensible, we’re witnessing image related illness such as anorexia rise at a rapid rate for both young men and women.
So personally, the page 3 campaign is too small, and not hitting the right places. We need more campaigning for Body Beautiful for everyone, for there to be body acceptance, not eliteism. For every person, big small, short tall, muscular or not so muscular to feel acceptable and accepted(I shall now step. down from my soap box )

I agree with applestreet,its not offensive and at least they arent stick thin,theyre a decent size and weight,And a few years ago,a page three girl,i think her name was Angie,actually died from bc.

Di, I don’t think a page 3 girl dying of BC is really relevant to the discussion, unless The Sun showed her post-op with scars, or post-chemo with a bald head and steroid bloating, or post-rads with red, burnt breast/s. And I don’t imagine for a second that that happened.

We’re talking about whether page 3 is appropriate or not, empowering or sexist, tradition or antiquated, celebration or objectification.

Your comment, “at least they aren’t stick thin”, speaks volumes: in the majority of cases, women’s images are only used in the press if they are a) stick thin, so get to keep their (or the fashion houses’) clothes on, or b) curvy, voluptuous and inviting, but willing to “get their tits out”… Oh, and they must all be prepared to be air-brushed to within an inch of their lives, setting up and promoting an ideal which is impossible to achieve, even for them. Not offensive, unhealthy or insidious at all!

Ha ha ha whats the fuss? Don’t we all have a bigger agenda to discuss here?
Page three models have been around for years! Decades, the last millenium!
Let the girls use their assets while they can. Good luck to them!
Don’t buy the newspaper if you are offended. My opinion.
I’m jealous, wish I could go topless. Don’t you?
Right lets get helping each other to overcome our breast cancer treatments.

Here here ladybird!!!

Ladybird, I agree there is a far bigger agenda and that is exactly what we’re trying to discuss here.

Just because something has been around for years, that doesn’t make it right. History is full of examples of this. Getting rid of out-moded and unacceptable practices is how a society develops, evolves and moves forward. Accepting them keeps that society firmly stuck in the past.

There are many reasons why I have never bought and will never buy The Sun; page 3 is just 1 of them.

If you want to go topless, why don’t you? I don’t mean to be provocative by asking this, but would like to hear your views as to why you can’t. People with scars from appendicitis, e.g. don’t have to feel ashamed, embarrassed or uneasy about showing their scars on the beach, so why is it different for someone who’s had breast surgery? I find that very interesting and quite telling.

Spot on ladybird,if these page 3 girls can make a very good living out of showing off their assets then I dont blame them,