Campaign to women over 70

Whilst I’m glad that awareness is being increased in women over 70 the recent advertising campaign has been really upsetting for me. Last year my beautiful mum died of breast cancer. She was 78. However she did go to her GP requesting a mammogram when my sister was diagnosed and I was advised that she was high risk due to family history. The GP told her there was no need saying she had “missed the gene” and continued to dismiss her even when she presented with lumps and took my sister with her. After her eventual diagnosis of secondary breast cancer she told her breast consultant what her GP had said and he justified it by saying that genetic BC would normally present at a younger age. My mum was very angry that she was ignored and made to feel like she was wasting the GPs time. The advert paints a picture of women who don’t want to bother their GP and of course there are women who may be out there that are like that but there are also knowledgable women like my mum ( a retired nurse) who are being ignored on the basis of their age. I just wanted to say in my mums memory that I hope my mums story highlights that GPs and doctors are still assuming that women are “past it” and it has to stop- please. Thanks for reading this

Mals, I’m so sorry for your loss and to hear your mum’s story. I really hope that the current campaign will help raise awareness amongst the medical professionals, as well as the over 70s it’s targetting. Best wishes to you and your family.