Can a fibroadenoma be hard and immovable?

I went to see a breast surgeon who just wants to remove the darn lump but he mentioned he can’t be sure it could be a fibroadenoma. From everything I read those are soft and movable but my lump is hard and immovable. Just wondering if it’s still possible it’s benign although it does not move?


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I have also attached a link to our publication on Fibroadenoma

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Let them remove it to be on the safe side. My daughter was diagnosed with a fibradenoma 2 years ago. She was told she could either have it removed or live with it being monitored. She chose the latter. It grew and she had to have it removed. It was then discovered that it was a BENIGN phyllodes tumour and she had to have clear margins taken. Sometimes there is little difference between the 2. The testing tells the difference.

She has now been discharge and is OK

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I found a lump in my “good” breast in November last year - almost 2 years after my initial diagnosis. It was hard and immovable, and after a biopsy, turned out to be a fibroadenoma so they can be like that.

I was planning to have a 2nd mastectomy anyway and had that done in January of this year. Even if I wasn’t going to have a mastectomy, I would have had it removed anyway so that I wouldn’t mistake it for any new lumps in the future.

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