Can an implant be removed?


I had a mastectomy and reconstruction from LD flap with the addition of a small implant in May 2017. They weren’t sure if I’d need radiotherapy until after the surgery, but warned me that if I did, then it would probably mess with my implant.

Unfortunately, radiotherapy was required and it did indeed mess with the implant. The breast is as hard as a rock and continues to be very uncomfortable, and I’m certain it is getting worse.

I regret my reconstruction decision and wonder if anyone else on this forum has had a pesky problem implant removed? If removal is possible then what are the options for retaining any breast tissue? Would it result in a hideous mess [although I’m not sure i care what it looks like, if it means I can be comfortable].


Hi, sorry you have this problem. I wonder if it’s possible for you to have your implant replaced? I had an implant recon and my first implant always felt too big and was uncomfortable and my surgeon replaced it for me. It was a quick easy op and so much better. Of course I do not know if your situation is different with the flap etc. Im sure the nurses on here would be able to advise, so you could give them a call perhaps? I hope you can get something done to feel more comfortable. Love Mo x


I had an implant at the same time as mastectomy. The implant went hard after radiotherapy and was going to be replaced. An infection meant it had to be removed & I could not have a replacement.  I then had an ldflap reconstruction which I very much regret.  I’m sure you will feel more comfortable without the implant (as I did) but you will then be uneven I suppose.  give what I know now I wouldn’t have the ldflap recon. It you are happy with that, how your back feels, no tightness etc be thankful & get rid of the imolany


Just wondering how things are with you, have you made any progress? 

Kittybrew x