Can animals sense you've had treatment?

I’ve just returned home from having a bone scan and our cat seems seriously spooked. He’s scuttled round the edge of the room and shot upstairs…has he seen the rays/felt different vibrations in the room/scented something strange? He’s just gone back outside and avoided me like the plague!! ?

Might be the different smells - hospital smells in general, and they can probably smell the chemicals used.  My cat has been a bit standoffish after treatment a few times, usually wears off after a couple of days (which is roughly how long it takes for the chemo drugs to leave your body)

Hi Maddy and Purplekat

I find this so fascinating. It would not surprise me in the least. 

I can’t say I ever noticed after scans, and didn’t need chemo. But my neighbours black Lab came over and kept nuzzling my armpit whilst I was crouched hoovering out my car. I found a lump on that side not long afterwards! And I always felt my cat could sense when I was upset. She’d headbutt me - as if to say “Come on Mum, cheer up”.

Hope you’re both doing well

Delly xxx

I truly believe animals sense both cancer and treatment. My dog suddenly became exceptionally clingy to me and snuggled into my chest. She wouldn’t run her agility with my husband - just ran back too me. Within a couple of weeks I found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She always knew when I’d had surgery, Chemo or radio and settled quietly with me post treatment. Xx