Can another lump occur during chemo

I wonder if any one can help with advice.
3 1/2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with dcis in left breast and had a lumpectomy no further treatment. Last December found another lump, this time had mx then found out I had 2 tumours one grade 1 tubular er+, the other grade 3 triple negative. I’ve had 5 of my 6 fec and start rads next month followed by tamoxifen for 5 yrs. Tonight while examining my other breast which has been really aching lately I think I can feel a small lump behind my nipple, my question is can you develops another tumour while having chemo, or is my bad imagination running away with me. I would appreciate any advice or if any one else has come across this, don’t want to rush to gp in a state if I’m getting kickers in a twist over nothing
Thank you xx

hi blue dragonfly, i would mention it to your chemo nurse or call your bcn i had recurrence whilst on chemo in a rash form so i presume that you can get lump recurrence too but then if its in the other breast maybe it could be a reaction to chemo affecting hormones , i really wouldnt like to guess but get it checked out to put your mind at rest, good luck and take care x


I had a mastectomy last July followed by chemo. While I was on my 3rd EC I noticed a lump in my other breast which started to hurt. I thought I was being paranoid, but decided to call the bc nurse in the end who very kindly asked to me go straight to hospital to have it checked that same day. It turned out to be a benign cyst… What I was told is that chemo can harden any little cysts you may have i.e. they calcify hence making them more noticeable. If it is bothering you then try and give your BC nurse a call, she might be able to reassure you and sneak you in for an appointment at the Breast clinic without going through the GP.
Let us know how it goes
Take care
Debs x

BD, I don’t know about tumours but you can certainly have cysts come up during chemo. Give the helpline a ring in the morning and give your BCN a ring on Monday and get it looked at, but don’t imagine the worst in the meantime.

What a worry for you though! As FQ says, get it checked out very quickly, just to stop the worry.

Thanks ladies, didn’t know about chemo and cysts, that buts my mind at rest over weekend, I’m back in for bloods on Tuesday, so I will mention it to my chemo nurse and ask them to get me’ in with the bcn.
Thanks again BD xxxx

hi blue dragonfly,

i asked my bcn the same question she said it was virtually impossible for a new cancer to develop whilst on chemo,
obviously if you had a lump before chemo but hadnt detected it thats another story,

best bet is to get it checked out anyway,

best wishes Liz xxx

BD, why not call the BCN on Monday and ask her to be around on Tuesday for a chat, so you don’t have to go in twice?

I think I will do that CM, see if I can pop into the unit on Tuesday after bloods but I will ring her Monday. Xxxx

Hi Dragonfly,

I’ve had two lumps appear in my ‘good’ breast during chemo. They turned out to be cysts which my breast surgeon aspirated and now I have another lump which I’m sure is another cyst! They seem to pop up overnight!

Wishing you all the best,
Kate x

Thanks for all your comments and advice I phone my bc nurse today and they are seeing me tomorrow, so not to long to wait, I will post my out come, thanks again xxxxxxi

good luck tomorrow BD i am sure all will be fine after reading the other posts x